No Eyeglasses

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Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place during the day at a fictional grocery store like BB on Westside that is sometimes in my dreams, and I remember walking out of the grocery store talking with a woman with dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair who I met in the grocery store; and she needed a ride to work, and so I offered to take her to work in my automobile.

I remember us talking and getting along well as I drove following her directions on how to get to where she worked, and once we got close to where she worked I realized that I knew that building; and I remembered something that either happened earlier in the dream (that took place days or weeks or a month earlier in the dream) or that was a false memory or was a memory from a past dream, I am not sure which.

In the memory I went to this building to see a counselor/doctor who had dark brownish colored skin with dark-colored hair, and she looked like Vivian Banks from the TV show The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air; but that was a past memory, and so I had not seen this counselor/doctor in a while since then.

The building was a small one floor brick building with some plants and maybe green fungus/algae growing on it, that had the counselor’s/doctor’s office on one side of the building (the left side), and a business office or something on the other side of the building.

I told the woman that I knew how to get to where she worked since I had been there before, and I drove into the parking lot; and I went inside with the woman talking, the woman worked as a secretary I think behind a desk, and so I was talking to her there.

Then the counselor/doctor walked in after returning from a lunch break or something and so I picked up a business card from the desk thanking the woman for the card, to prevent her from getting in trouble for talking on the job (though no one was at the office at the time) just in case, and I greeted the counselor/doctor who did not recognize me at first.

She then recognized me maybe and she asked me how I was doing, I answered okay and I said something else that I forgot, and then I said goodbye to both of them; and I left, I am not sure if I got the woman’s phone number since I seemed to be interested in her, I am guessing that her number was on the business card or I could just call that business number later to get her phone number but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

I only remember the last part of my second dream which took place in a fictional somewhat modern building, and I was sitting in a large cafeteria-like place with a lot of students/athletes eating food/drinking drinks that we had bought from a cafeteria / restaurant area behind us earlier in the dream; and we were watching a presentation/lecture on a screen on the wall in front of us as someone was doing the presentation/lecture, but I have no idea what it was about.

I remember eating most of my food and then I needed to go to the bathroom, and so I walked to a hallway behind us; and I saw clean modern color coded signs with symbols and words in clear English showing what each door and/or area led to; and there were several types of bathrooms some for male staff, female staff, future male workers, future female workers, and maybe female & male students/athletes and maybe some public male & female bathrooms.

I walked around trying to figure out which bathroom to go to, and then I walked to an area that seemed to be upstairs, and I saw an area where future workers could apply for jobs in a nice circular shaped area; and there was probably a balcony looking down over the first floor, it was a nice area.

I think that I found the public bathrooms and I probably went to the bathroom, and then I went to explore this area since I saw a small general store like at a gas station and another restaurant next to it; and they both were owned by a man with dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair in maybe a fade hairstyle, and he was working the cash register at the general store & he had one young man with whitish colored skin with dark blondish colored hair with freckles helping him work at both businesses.

There was group of three young men with whitish colored skin buying something at the general store as I walked through it to look at the small restaurant area, that only had a few tables and was empty, and then I started looking at the menu; and the restaurant was maybe a mostly Asian style restaurant but they also sold pizza.

The younger worker came to take my order, the three younger men came over to the restaurant after paying for their stuff at the general store, and I ordered some pizza; and the three younger men ordered some pizza as well, I had wanted to order dessert, but they did not have any on the menu.

After a short wait we got our pizza, I ate all but one of my pieces of pizza, and I was going to take my last piece with me; but somehow the three younger men got some of their pizza mixed up with mine, and so I ate one of the pieces of pizza and they continued eating what was left.

I said goodbye to the three younger men and the worker, and I walked back to the first floor to where I was sitting earlier; and I either had some more food left to eat first or I took my empty plate to the area where the workers clean your plates, and then I decided that I would leave now even though the presentation/lecture was still going on.

I told my brother CC, who was there oddly, that I was about to leave and so he walked with me outside; and as we walked to leave the building, I noticed that I did not have eyeglasses (glasses) on (I am not sure if I have glasses on or not in most dreams since I almost never notice or check, so this is very rare), and my vision was blurry.

I could not see anyone’s faces and things were blurry, I noticed a group of people by the door and I recognized one of them as my former school-mate/soccer team-mate CK even though I could not see his face, and so I briefly stopped to greet him; and then I walked outside with my brother CC telling him that I did not have my glasses and that I could not see very well.

It was late evening or night outside, and I wondered if I would be able to drive home without my glasses; and so I stood there looking around and thinking trying to decide what to do as I talked with my brother CC, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Oversleeping & A Dream Area / Building That Clouds / Tricks The Mind With Grace Randolph

I overslept last night and I forgot all of my dream except part of one dream, and I got caught in a sleep/dream phenomenon that happens sometimes especially when I get very comfortable in bed; where I feel almost like being in quicksand/stuck/trapped in bed going in & out of sleep/dreams/semi-dreams/daydreams/thoughts/et cetera.

I like sleeping in the cold/when it is cold and it was nice & cold last night and so I slept comfortably, and so I over-slept and had this sleep/dream phenomenon that is more likely to happen during times like this.

Getting Melted / Burned Alive During A Battle?

Source: Wikipedia

I only remember part of the end of my last dream, and so it does not make much sense and it is unclear.

I remember being in an unknown military battle it seemed and the military that I was with had at least two teams/units, and we were in an unknown place near metal storage buildings like the ones that my parents have at their house.

We were fighting an unknown military (to me at least) and we used the storage buildings as cover, and it was a slower/scarier/more realistic gun battle.

We managed to somehow survive the first wave, we were probably out-numbered but taking cover helped, and things got so bad that we had to take cover under the storage buildings; and I remember that us taking cover under the storage buildings was a nice advantage, and we were more easily defeating the other military until they retreated and/or got reinforcements.

We then fought a more advanced group who might have been alien(s) or non-human(s) or just human(s) with more advanced equipment/weapons or something, I am not sure and I can not remember, and they gave us a very hard time; and we started losing the battle, and to make it worse the survivors from the other military/group we fought earlier joined the more advanced/alien/whoever group.

Our two military units were trapped under the storage buildings getting shot at and bombs were being dropped at us from the air it seemed, and this was scary & realistic; and our military units morale/courage started to decrease, we were afraid, but had no choice but to fight or die.

Soldiers around me were dying, crying, in pain, et cetera; and I heard bullet ricochets near me, bullets flying by, dirt being knocked in the air from explosions, and many other battle noises/experiences.

Our cover was being blown up piece by piece, and I started moving further under the storage buildings in fear/trying to avoid dying; but I still returned fire at the enemy sometimes.

Then the advanced/alien/whoever enemies started using bombs that were able to melt/burn our cover and us, it was terrible, like napalm/lava/whatever mixed with a bomb.

They destroyed the other unit next to me and the entire storage building that they were hiding under, leaving maybe just some burnt/melted remains, and I heard screams from some members of my unit who got caught on fire; and then to my shock/horror they bombed our cover, and our storage building melted/burned so fast that I did not know it was gone until it was too late.

I heard screams/cries/burning/melting and I felt that our cover was gone/melted/burned, and I looked around to see everything and everyone near me melting/burning, and I felt myself melting/burning; and I felt it (it is hard to describe how it felt/looked), it was horrible, and it happened so fast that I could only scream in pain/shock/horror while saying No No No! a few times in disbelief / shock as I melted/burned down into debris/whatever.

I woke up instantly before I died or when I died or as I was dying, and you can imagine that was a weird/strange experience to wake up from; but I realized that was only a dream about two seconds after waking up/jumping up in my bed. 😀

The end,

-John Jr

My Former Classmate JC Goes To CBG

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream, which took place in D.

I remember going to CBG with my former classmate JC, because he wanted to have his automobile painted, I think.

A Young Justice Inspired Dream

Source: Wikipedia

Last night I watched several episodes of the animated TV show Young Justice with my younger brother GC, he had wanted me to start watching that show, and so I watched a few episodes with him; and the dream that I somewhat remember from last night seemed to be inspired by that show.

None of the people in the dream or I had superpowers, but we were trying to learn to work together as a team as we went around the dream world trying to complete various challenges, and one or more of the dream characters had famous parents and so they were trying to find their own path & not be over-shadowed by their parents fame.

My memory is very unclear of this dream, it was a fun and creative dream that joined a unique variety of fictional dream places and D was in the dream at some point, and a variety of unique challenges.

The dream took place during a dreamy looking day, the colors/lighting/environment of the dream seemed more dream-like if that made sense with the dream sometimes being brighter & more colorful than real life and at other times more gray/darker than real life, and the dream took place on a boat during some parts/on & in & under water during some parts/and on land during other parts.

Oddly Ray William Johnson from YouTube was on our team (I did watch one of his videos before going to sleep, and so that might explain that), there were other people on our team, but I do not know who they were.

Our team was a miss-match of people who did not really get along or have much in common, and so our team fought a lot and/or did not work together much in the beginning; and so we kept failing challenges and/or having a hard time.

I can not remember most or any of the challenges, but they were very unique/strange/crazy at times.

I remember one challenge took place in a grayish/blueish looking part of the dream world where there was a huge body of water like a sea or ocean, and we had to run around the sides on the land areas and/or ice areas avoiding certain types of non-Human animals and other obstacles while trying to complete certain challenges.

At some point we had to swim in this body of water and under this body of water, avoiding sea creatures and obstacles as we tried to complete challenges, and this was pretty scary at times; but fun.

We then traveled by boat (on a large old-style wooden boat) on this body of water and this is where we had a big fight in our team, but after the fight we finally started trying to work together.

I remember Ray William Johnson getting in an argument with another one of our team members, several other team members might have been in the argument, and I was one of the team members trying to calm the situation down; but it was mostly useless, and it seemed that we needed a big argument/fight to get us to finally work together or just quit/cancel our team and so I probably stopped trying to calm the situation.

I think that Mr. Johnson was sick/sea-sick/suffering from diarrhea or food poisoning at the time and so he was already in a bad mood, and then a fight broke out among our team; and watched the fight ready to stop it if necessary, but I felt that it was important to let everyone get over this conflict/let out the bad energy/see how stupid they were acting.

The fight ended when Mr. Johnson got punched in the stomach or something and he lost his bowls/diarrhea-ed/boo-booed on himself and on the ship floor; it was nasty, and it caused everyone to stop fighting in shock/disgust.

Everyone stopped in confusion and Mr. Johnson was embarrassed and angry, and I was trying to figure out how to clean the nasty mess up; and then as I tried to calm Mr. Johnson down he, everyone else, and I started laughing when we realized how ridiculous the entire situation was and how stupid our team had acted.

Everyone seemed to have finally gotten over the bad energy/feelings and we decided to apologize to each other and start working as a team, starting with cleaning up the nasty mess, as Mr. Johnson went to the bathroom to take a bath & change his clothes.

Our team finally started talking to each other like a team/friends and we sailed the ship to land to start some new challenges, one thing that I can not remember is whether we were competing against other teams or not, I can not remember.

I remember our team doing better now that we were working as a team as we did challenges on & near docks areas, on or near streets/roads, on or near bridges, et cetera.

And at some point we took a break and we traveled to D to the parking lot near DG on Eastside, and some of us went shopping and the rest of us talked; and I remember talking with one of our team members who was probably the youngest person on our team and he had whitish colored skin with short-medium blond colored hair.

He said that his parents were both famous actors/actresses (who I had never heard of before but I do remember that the father had whitish colored skin with blond colored hair like his son with a unique hairstyle and his mother had whitish colored skin but I can not remember if she had blond colored hair or not) and they actually came to visit him as we were talking, and I remember his dad saying that his son was at a dis-advantage since his parents were both famous and that many people would probably treat him like he did not deserve/earn things himself in life; but someone else on our team and I said that while some people would think that, having famous parents was an advantage overall, and that their son could still find his own path in life without being over-shadowed by his famous parents probably.

We continued talking as we waited for the rest of our team to finish shopping, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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