A Surprise Call From My Cousin ME

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I had several dreams last night but I forgot most of them due to sleeping pretty well and getting awakened by people being annoying as usual, and so I only remember part of one dream.

I think that it took place at my parent’s house but I could be wrong, but I can not remember the beginning of the dream; I just remember being dressed up in my interview outfit/semi-dress outfit and standing with a couple while practicing poses to take photographs with them in the living room, and there were other people there like the couple was getting married soon or had recently gotten married maybe, but I am not sure.

The couple was a man and a woman but I can not remember who they were, this part of the dream took place late in the evening or at night, and we were waiting on the camera person to come take the photographs.

The other people were lounging around and watching us as we stood talking and practicing poses, and I remember thinking that it was a bit weird for me to be in the couple’s photographs; but they wanted me to be in them for some reason, like we were close somehow or something, a bit literally since most of our poses had us very close together, too close in my opinion.

The photographer had not shown up yet and it was getting late and almost everyone was getting tired and/or wanted to get enough sleep for the next day event(s), maybe the wedding or something, and so the couple decided that we should just relax a bit longer and then go to bed; and so two of the three of us switched into our pajamas, and starting talking/lounging around with the other people.

Right before we were about to end things for the night since it was so late, the photographer came, and so the couple & I got ready for the photographs; but one or two of us were still in pajamas, but they did not care & so I stayed in my pajamas after asking them again if they were sure that they did not want me to put my semi-dress clothes back on, and they once again told me that they were sure that it was okay for me to stay in my pajamas. 😀

It felt a bit goofy and fun having one or two people wearing dress clothes and the others wearing pajamas, not that I really enjoyed taking the photographs since I do not like having my photograph taken, but it was as enjoyable as it can be for someone like me.

After taking the photographs everyone left for the night, including the couple, and then I remember my family being there or coming out of hiding, or they were already there but I did not notice them until now.

I was talking to my mom about what had happened, but then the phone rang; and it was my cousin ME calling for me, to my surprise, since I can only remember her calling me maybe two or three times in my entire life. 😀

ME was in a good/interesting mood it seemed from her voice, and she wished me happy birthday or a pre-happy birthday, I was not sure whether it was really my birthday in the dream or not, and she wanted to know if I could come visit/stay at her apartment in the near future for a few days and/or if she could visit me the next time that she is near D.

I was not sure if she was drunk and/or in one of those strange moods/moments where you call up people you have not talked with in a long time and/or if she was on a religious high and/or if there was an event taking place for the next week or two and/or something.

I thanked her for the happy birthday and I told her that I probably would be free the next few days, and that maybe we could hang out one day or something; but I was still not comfortable/sure about the situation, since my comfort level with most of my indirect family is at a semi-stranger level, so I am not very comfortable with them and I did not like the idea of staying one or more days with someone I do not know well.

ME mentioned that it was (Something That I Can Not Remember) Week and that her/their (Something That I Can Not Remember, which sounded like a college sorority or whatever you call them or a cult) did not normally allow non-members to hang out during this time or at their place or something; but they might let me hang out for a few days.

I wondered what in the world was she talking about and who was this college group/cult/whatever that she was a member of, and that made me definitely not want to stay at her place for a few days; but I would consider visiting briefly.

I remember her asking me if my parent’s would let me visit like I was a little kid or something, which was a bit strange and annoying, and I told her that it was not a problem while wondering why she asked me a stupid question like that. 😀

I remember thinking many thoughts trying to make sense of the situation, trying to predict possible outcomes, and trying to figure out the best way to handle it.

I did not feel like dealing with another person who seems to be trying to connect with you, only to abruptly distance themselves most of the time, and I did not feel like dealing with a person who suddenly becomes too close & annoying; and so I tried to figure out a balanced way to handle the situation.

I remember mentioning to ME that maybe we could watch a movie, eat somewhere, and walk & talk somewhere the next time that she visits D instead of me coming to stay at her place for a few days; and I remember wondering if she was staying in BR or in another state still, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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