Boardwalk City

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My dream recall has surprised me again, I had several dreams and I was awakened by people being annoying as usual while still remembering that I had some dreams but I did not really think about the dreams & I somewhat set my mind to try to remember the dreams for later without really thinking about them first, and then I went back to sleep & I woke up two times after this and I had forgotten all of my dreams; but while I was doing my morning routine and looking at Flynn’s blog, I remembered part of two or three dream fragments. 🙂

Dream 1

The first dream fragment took place in an apartment/college classroom, I think, and there were other people/students there; and I remember us sitting at desks probably.

I remember meeting a woman who was also a student who might have slightly reminded me of Olga Kay or someone like that, maybe, and she was a nice/positive/fun person to be around; and she had several friends who were in the room as well, and we all started to become friends as the dream went on.

I think that the woman had recently become single and the two of us were getting along very well and we might have even started dating or thinking about dating or her friends recommended that we start dating, during the dream, but I am not sure; but I do know that we got along well.

I remember us talking and doing various things, but I can not remember most of the dream; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The next dream took place in a fictional city that has been in several of my past dreams, I will call it Boardwalk City, because it has a lot of boardwalks and other areas near water; and it is a nice-looking city that feels nice to be in.

The architecture is somewhat modern and risen since it is near water to help protect the buildings if it floods, and the city is designed where people can walk around & move around without needing automobiles really & they can enjoy the outdoors & shops & various other things in the city; and the city is not over-crowded and it feels nice being in this city, even business offices seem nice in this city. 😀

There are quiet streets in some places where you can walk around window shopping, looking at business offices/restaurants/cafes/stores/apartments/et cetera, there are high & low areas where you can walk up stairs & decks & porches & patios, and more.

I remember walking around exploring the city with maybe some of my family, I usually explore & enjoy this city when I dream of it, and it is usually if not always daytime; and if I am not mistaken we walked to a college campus because my brothers KD & TD & their football team were having a camp or something there.

We went to see them and I remember seeing KD & TD sit on a bench near several other benches that were full of high school football players from various schools, and I sat on the bench next to KD & TD & one other person was on our bench; and we had room for one or maybe two people if we sat very closely.

I talked with them and then another football player came to sit on our bench without smiling or looking at us or saying anything to us, so now the bench was pretty much full, and then maybe one other football player sat on our bench; and now it was crowded.

The football player who had sat without looking at us or talking to us suddenly started talking with us, and he seemed to know a lot about American Football; and so we had a conversation & KD & TD talked as well, and I wondered if he was a football player on their team since KD & TD seemed comfortable enough to have a conversation with him.

I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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