My Aunt JE From The Past

Dream 1

My first dream fragment took place during the day in D at a fictional hotel or motel / restaurant where S should be near WM, and I had just gotten a job there I think; and it was probably my first day of work.

I was mostly helping in the restaurant area when my mom came to help support the hotel or motel/restaurant/me by buying some food, I greeted her & said a few things, and then I continued working.

The restaurant had mostly glass walls in some areas where you could see some of the hotel or motel areas and the swimming pool, and there were some people hanging out near the outside of the restaurant & pool; and they were barbecuing, drinking, talking, et cetera.

Some of them had flatbed-trailers hooked to be back of their automobiles that they stored their stuff on and some of them were barbecuing on top of their flatbed-trailers, it was a bit like a tailgate party or something, with mostly men drinking, eating, talking, and probably watching American football on portable TVs.

At some point I went to the hotel or motel desk to check on things, and then as I was walking back to the restaurant I noticed my mom standing up looking outside the glass wall; and I saw smoke & fire.

One of the barbecue pits outside had started burning a flatbed trailer or something, and it was at risk of burning/exploding things nearby like automobiles and propane tanks and our building; and so I told my mom & everyone to get out of the restaurant area in case the fire spread and/or an explosion happened, and I started to panic a bit looking for a fire extinguisher while having flashbacks of the fire that happened in my parent’s yard last year.

As I was about to run outside I noticed my mom was the still in the restaurant looking out at the fire while describing it to me or something and in a panic & afraid for my mom’s life, I yelled a command at my mom with a semi-curse word (I do not curse in real life or dreams usually, but this happened in a panic & I was trying to get my mom to listen fearing that her life was in danger & this got her attention but I still felt bad/shocked by what I said), I loudly yelled/screamed in a panic something like: “MOM! GET THE H*** OUTSIDE!”. (After I said this it shocked me since I do not curse or talk to my mom like that, so I paused in shock by what I said for a second or two wondering if I really said what I said 😀 )

This shocked my mom but it got her to finally listen, and she ran outside to safety with the others, and I ran outside; and I ran to the other side of the building with the fire extinguisher and I started putting out the fire and one of the men that started the fire helped, and we put the fire out.

Then a somewhat large/strong-looking manager with dark brownish colored skin wearing a dress/formal uniform with a vest came to congratulate me for putting out the fire, but then he asked me if I thought that anyone had heard me yell that semi-curse word and he asked me what I thought would happened to an employee who yelled something like that to a customer; I told him that probably only my mom had heard it and that an employee yelling at a customer like that would probably get fired.

He asked me if I had learned the rules and I said no, since it was my first day and no one had taught me anything, but I said that what I said was wrong regardless of if I knew the rules or not; and I could understand if he wanted to fire me, but he hinted that I would not be fired.

Either way, he wanted to get started on an official report of what happened first, and then we walked off to do that; and I remember wanting to apologize to my mom, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream took place at a fictional house where my aunt JE, cousin DE, cousin DE, cousin ME, and cousin RE lived; and my mom and I were visiting them.

I remember that this dreamed seemed to be about them/us in the past when my cousin DE and I were probably still high school aged, and my aunt JE was different from how she is now.

I remember my aunt JE showing us around and talking with me and asking me questions, she looked and acted like her old self, not the person she is today; and so it was strange to see her as her past self again, after so many years of the new her.

Things were going pretty well, though awkward, and I remember my aunt JE talking about the last movie that she saw; and at some point my cousin DE and I started talking a bit, and then I went outside.

The next part could be another dream or part of this dream, I am not sure, I remember being in a fictional version of my parent’s yard maybe; and I saw a fictional version of the street that my grandfather lives on, and I saw either my cousin ME or my cousin CE or it was my cousin ME at first but then he changed into my cousin CE without me noticing the change.

Either way at some point my cousin CE came to greet me in the yard, I briefly greeted him not knowing what to talk about, and so I invited him inside to play some video games.

I asked him what was the last video game that he had played and he said Sonic The Hedgehog on the PlayStation 4, even though there is no PlayStation 4 yet, and so maybe this took place in the future or something; and then I told him the games that I had and he wanted to try Saints Row: The Third for the first time, and so he started playing it from my latest saved game.

I remember trying to explain the controls to him and tips on playing the game as he played, but I woke up at some point.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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