10-11-2012 | Dream Fragment | A Tattoo Shop And My Dead Aunt CE

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I forgot most of my dreams from last night, but I remember part of one dream that took place during the day in a fictional city that might have been a fictional version of D.

I remember going to a building that was like a modern partly metal industrial-style C Elementary-like building combined with/connected with a tattoo shop and a mall/shopping center-like building, and I was at the C Elementary-like building under the catwalks/walkways outside at first with one or more other people maybe.

I can not remember the details but I remember going into the tattoo shop that reminded me of a barber shop at some point out of curiosity and it was in between the C Elementary-like building & the mall-like building, so you had to pass it to get to either building, and it was a tattoo shop owned by three women I think; probably a mother and her two daughters who were a bit older than me or about my age.

I remember the three women/owners being very nice and they seemed very interested in me for some reason, they talked with me and they showed me around their tattoo shop, and they wanted me to take part in a special ad (advertisement) campaign for their tattoo shop; and this special ad campaign involved them paying you or giving you a free tattoo that combined a tattoo of your choice with an ad for their business, so that people would know where you got your tattoo & that would help them get new customers.