10-11-2012 | Dream Fragment | A Tattoo Shop And My Dead Aunt CE

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I forgot most of my dreams from last night, but I remember part of one dream that took place during the day in a fictional city that might have been a fictional version of D.

I remember going to a building that was like a modern partly metal industrial-style C Elementary-like building combined with/connected with a tattoo shop and a mall/shopping center-like building, and I was at the C Elementary-like building under the catwalks/walkways outside at first with one or more other people maybe.

I can not remember the details but I remember going into the tattoo shop that reminded me of a barber shop at some point out of curiosity and it was in between the C Elementary-like building & the mall-like building, so you had to pass it to get to either building, and it was a tattoo shop owned by three women I think; probably a mother and her two daughters who were a bit older than me or about my age.

I remember the three women/owners being very nice and they seemed very interested in me for some reason, they talked with me and they showed me around their tattoo shop, and they wanted me to take part in a special ad (advertisement) campaign for their tattoo shop; and this special ad campaign involved them paying you or giving you a free tattoo that combined a tattoo of your choice with an ad for their business, so that people would know where you got your tattoo & that would help them get new customers.

They really wanted me to take part in their ad campaign but I politely declined & I thanked them for the offer, telling them that a free tattoo sounded like a good offer but that I had no plans to ever get a tattoo since I am not a person who ever really wanted a tattoo before exactly, but I would consider their offer; and I remember the women still wanting me to accept their offer, but they did respect my current decision while also letting me know that the offer was still there if I ever changed my mind.

The women made this special ad campaign offer to other customers too but they seemed very interested in me in particular compared to everyone else, and they were so interested in me still that they also offered me a small job working an hour a day or a few hours a week; just so that they could see me/talk with me or whatever it seemed, I remember asking them if they could really afford that because I did not want them to waste some of their money paying me to just be around mostly since I did not think that the tattooing business was very profitable for them or in general, but they assured me that it was okay/not a problem.

I thanked them for the offer and I took a moment to think about it, I still was worried about them wasting their money but they assured me in was only a few hours a week & that it would not hurt their business, and they took some time trying to convince me to take the job; and so eventually I accepted their job offered and thanked them.

They were very happy and looked forward to having me around, they were still very interested in me in ways that I did not understand, and this interest in me stood out so much in the dream that I had noticed it from the moment I first met them; and it made me curious the entire dream about why they were so interested in me and in what ways were they interested in me.

I was to start working later in the day, so I continued into the mall-like building, and then I went to my grandfather’s house/yard; and I probably came across a few indirect family members who I talked with.

The dream probably took place across several days or something because I remember going back & forth between the C Elementary-like building, the tattoo shop, the mall-like building, and my grandfather’s house/yard several times during the dream.

At some point I went back to the tattoo shop and a local news reporter & her crew were doing a report/commercial for/on the tattoo shop, the women were talking about their shop and about their special ad campaign, and then some of their customers & people who knew some of their customers gave interviews with the news reporter; and my dead aunt CE was one of the people who was interviewed, and oddly I do not think that I found it odd that she was alive, she only died a few months ago & so sometimes it is like she never died & other times it is like she almost never existed.

My aunt CE was telling the news reporter about how a female friend of hers had gotten a tattoo at this tattoo shop, probably the special free ad campaign tattoo, and how nice the women were & how good the tattoo looked; but my aunt CE said that her friend had recently died, maybe in an accident, and so this news story/commercial for the tattoo shop also became a memorial to my aunt CE’s friend/a customer of the tattoo shop who had died recently.

The news reporter finished her story and she & her crew left, and then I talked with my aunt CE & the women who owned the tattoo shop; my aunt CE left at some point, and then I started my work hour at the tattoo shop.

I remember that business was slow so the women who owned the tattoo shop got a chance to talk with me a lot, and I finally asked them about why were they so interested in me; I thought that it was interesting since I do not find myself to be that special or good-looking or rich (I am poor) or anything worth being so interested in really.

The three women answered me honestly and they said that they had no idea exactly why they were so interested in me, they said that for some unknown reason I interested them strongly from the moment that they met me, so much so that they wanted me around/felt an urge to have me around for some strange reason; they admitted that it was a bit strange & embarrassing to say/tell, but that was the truth & how they felt & it was a mystery to them as well.

I do not think that they or I knew the exact type(s) of interest(s) that they had in me, it was friendly in ways of course, but what else was it/what other types of interests was it?

At some point the older woman/mother and one of the daughters left to get lunch or take a break, probably in the mall-like area, and so only one of the women/daughters & I were at the tattoo shop at this point.

I remember a few customers coming in to look around, ask about the special ad campaign tattoo, have custom tattoo ideas drawn, et cetera; and I remember trying to find things to do to help out, and I remember talking with the woman when there were no customers.

The dream might have jumped around several days showing clips of my hours working at the tattoo shop, I am not sure, and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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