Timothy DeLaGhetto’s Fictional MMA Career And His Terrible Knockouts

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot most of my dreams but I barely remember part of two dreams, with the first dream being focused on a fictional multi-floor(ed) house, and on the upper floor I might have had a room and/or I explored it at various times in the dream.

I went different places and did different things in the dream that I can not remember that happened through the day and night probably, but I would come back to the house which seemed to belong to my family probably, and I spent most of my time in the house exploring the upper floor.

It was one of those rare dreams that I have sometimes where a place/area in a dream seems to represent areas in my brain where certain old memories are stored, and those memories are represented in the dream as real and/or fictional objects; and those memories can be real or fake and/or a mixture of both.

In these dreams there are usually some memories and objects that I can not tell if they are real or fake or a combination of the two, and I usually think that I am in the real world; and in this dream I thought that I was in the real world, because I remember thinking about/talking about dreams that some of the memories & objects reminded me of and/or were in.

My family was in the dream, maybe SS & his brother MS during one or two parts, and several other people at various times in the dream; but I can not remember those parts.

As usual, many of the objects were old toys and things real & fictional & a combination of the two, and it was nice looking through the many objects and thinking of memories.

The house was pretty nice compared to our real house and there was more space and the yard was a big nice field with green grass, and I probably went outside during the day & played some sports with people outside at some point; but I can not remember the many parts where I left the house.

I just remember that at the end of the dream I went back to the upper floor of the house with maybe two or more people I met in the field, one of them was Timothy DeLaGhetto who in the dream worked as a Youtuber / Rapper / MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Fighter/a few other things, and he brought some old MMA footage of some of his MMA fights and some other people’s MMA fights to show me.

He admitted that he was not so good at MMA and I remember him saying that he did not like kicking much, because it hurt his legs, and he either was going to quit soon or he had already quit MMA.

He had been knocked unconscious several times during his short MMA career and most of them were featured in the Worst MMA Knockouts Of All Time, and I remember seeing his worst knockout (which was probably the worst knockout I have ever seen).

It was during the beginning of his career and he had several old cornermen / trainers and he was wearing longer kickboxing trunks that had an unknown military-like camouflage look to them, he was very small & thin compared to your average MMA fighter, and his opponent was bigger than him.

I remember the bell ringing and a few hits were exchanged and then DeLaGhetto took a hard hit that knocked him unconscious and sent him flying into the ropes, his corner men/trainers tried to stop him from falling through the ropes, as his unconscious body twitched & his head bounced around like a bobble doll; but they made it worse, since the ropes were bouncing his unconscious body around, and they accidentally pulled his trunks down a bit & fortunately the nudity was censored.

The referee tried to bring his bouncing body down off the ropes but the ropes were tangled on him and his corner men were making it worse by accident, and so his unconscious body was still bouncing around upside down/sideways/et cetera in/on the ropes with his body twitching & his head bobbing and his corner men trying to help him but making it worse as the referee kept trying to bring his body to the ground.

It looked terrible like he had died was dying, the referee was yelling to his corner men/trainers to back off but they did not listen, and so the referee got angry/tired/panicked and he hit/punched/pushed the corner men/trainers back; and then he finally started untangling DeLaGhetto’s body from the ropes and he brought his twitching unconscious body & bobbing head to the ground so the medical staff could help him.

I talked to DeLaGhetto about that experience and about this career, and we continued watching other fights of his & others; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂