A Reality Check In A Bathroom Makes The Dream Go Lucid

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Yesterday I watched a video on YouTube about tips on how to lucid dream:

I already knew all the tips that they gave and I have had lucid dreams before using my own lazy approach to some common lucid dream inducing tips, but it has been a while since I had a few lucid dreams since I have not been trying to lucid dream and so I wanted to try one or two lucid dream inducing techniques, and so I decided to use a lazy approach since I know that I can lucid dream without trying hard.

I decided to use their reality check tip that involves looking at your hand(s) and counting your fingers out-loud at random times during the day while asking yourself if you are dreaming or not, in the past I used to just look at my hands instead of counting my fingers & that never worked for me since I almost never if ever looked at my hands in a dream before for some strange reason, and I also decided to use their tip of telling yourself out-loud & in your mind that you will have a lucid dream as you get in bed & think about your previous dreams from the night before while laying in bed while imagining yourself having a lucid dream in those dreams before you go to sleep.

A few times during the day yesterday I would look at my hand, ask myself if I am dreaming out-loud, I would count my fingers out-loud starting with my hand closed in a fist & moving each finger up one-at-a-time, and then I would say whether I was dreaming or not out-loud.

As I was getting in bed last night I told myself out-loud & in my mind several times that I will have a lucid dream, as I was laying in bed I imagined my dreams from the previous night &  I imagined myself doing the finger counting reality check in each dream when something strange happened & then I imagined each dream going lucid after realizing that my fingers/hand looked strange, and once the dreams went lucid I would imagine myself pausing/taking a deep breath to relax/then slowly start controlling the dream.

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of one dream, I forgot the beginning of the dream so it does not make much sense, I just remember being in a multi-floored office-like room in a fictional city in a downtown-like area with somewhat tall modern buildings with lots of glass windows, and I was in a room with a few people who were protecting a woman; and outside of the room, around the inside of the building, and around the outside of the building were lots of police in riot gear helping to protect the woman it seemed maybe.

I heard lots of noise like a riot or something was happening in the street and in the building, then the door burst partly open & I saw part of a police officer with riot gear & a riot shield trying to push a man (and there were probably other people also pushing toward the door) back who had tried to burst the door open by running into the police officers guarding the door; and the police officers managed to push him and other people charging the door back somewhat and the door closed all the way when the pressure on the door stopped.

After seeing that, I knew that the situation was out of control and that the room would be over-run soon and so we would have to escape the building from the windows since we were trapped in the room, and so I decided to open a window in the room (there were a lot of windows along the back wall of the room); and I saw that we were several floors up and that the windows led to a back alleyway that was quiet/empty but unguarded.

I am not sure if I was with the security team or not, either way I was helping to protect the woman, and I told the few bodyguards in the room (two were former classmates of mine, CW & another former male classmate of mine) that we needed to start making our early escape now; and I told the woman to move near the window away from the door, and the bodyguards started to exit the window to prepare our escape route (securing the alleyway & helping people climb from the windows & down several floors until they reached the ground).

As the woman was climbing out of the window, two of the bodyguards and I were guarding the room, but then we heard screams outside of the door & maybe some gunshots; and so I sensed that the police guarding the door were killed, and that maybe some other police officers or fake police officers had killed them.

Things got quiet and the door burst open with some police officers or fake police officers wearing blue one piece automobile mechanic-like outfits and they had guns, and they went to shoot at us but we/I shot back at them forcing them to take cover outside of the door; and then I helped the woman outside of the window as the other two bodyguards covered us until we reached the alleyway; and then they joined us in our escape, but we ran ahead, so we did not see them again until later.

The dream took place during the day, most of the police officers protecting the outside of the building were in the front of the building and we briefly saw & heard the noise from the front of the building as we ran from the back alleyway, but none of those police officers knew who had started shooting inside the building & so they were panicking outside of the building trying to figure out/control the situation.

The police officers or fake police officers who attacked us ran out to the front of the building and they probably lied to the other police officers saying that the bodyguards, maybe the woman, and I were the threats; and so many police officers and the men who attacked us got into their automobiles to search the city for us.

We had already run across sidewalks, streets, alleyways, et cetera full of people; and so they did not know where we were at this point, but we could hear police sirens around the city as they searched for us.

We reached a park where many school kids & teachers & parents were having a school trip, and so we decided to hide among the people at the park; and at this point all the bodyguards, the woman, and I met up at the park. (We all had survived the escape)

I had to use the bathroom and I felt that hiding in the bathroom to think up a plan(s) & waste time was a good idea, and so I recommended that the woman hide in the women’s bathroom while I went to the men’s bathroom; and the other bodyguards would hide among the people in the park keeping a lookout for the men who attacked us & the police who were tricked into thinking that we were the attackers.

The bathrooms were not far from the park in a nice brick building with its own walkway and  plants decorating the outside, and the woman & I went there & we went into the separate bathrooms (which were air-conditioned, spacious, and pretty nice).

As soon as I walked into the men’s bathroom a group of men followed me in the bathroom smiling & staring at me like they were playing a prank on me, I think that most of them were the bodyguards & at least three of the men were former classmates of mine including CW again & AC & JC & someone else, and I was annoyed by them being there; and I asked them if they were following me, why were they not following my plan, and I told them that I found it creepy/strange/annoying for a group of men to be following me into the bathroom for no clear reason.

They probably did not answer my questions and so I started walking further into the bathroom, but they followed me & so I stopped again annoyed; I had come into the bathroom to use the bathroom and think alone, not to be followed watched by a group of men acting creepy/annoying.

I then felt that something was strange/not right and then I remembered to do my finger counting reality check and I asked myself out-loud if I was dreaming, I looked down at my hand which I put into a fist, and I started to count each finger out-loud.

This might be one of the few times that I have looked at my hand in a dream, so this was super rare (so the counting my fingers reality check practice during the day worked), I think that my hand might have looked a bit weird like it was highlighted with light or something but I am not sure/I can not remember; I just know/remember the thing that made it clear that I was dreaming.

When I lifted each finger to count them, I did not have full fingers, I had half fingers with no fingertip/fingernail, like my fingers had been cleanly cut in half or something; and so I instantly knew that I was dreaming, and so I told myself out-loud that I was dreaming, I paused, I took a deep breath to relax, and then I started decided what should I do first to control the dream.

Since I have had several lucid dreams before in the past, the dream was more stable than the first few times that I lucid dreamed and I did not get that feeling of my body being in bed & I did not panic & wake up, and then I decided that I would use my dream power that allows me to remove dream characters from my dream; and I have used this power in lucid dreams before in the past.

I smiled and I told myself out-loud that the reality check had worked and I said out-loud to myself/the other dream characters that this is a dream, and I told the group of men in the bathroom that I was sorry, but they were annoying me/creeping me out, and that I was going to remove them from my dream.

I was very relaxed and I walked up to one of the men hardly even looking at him and I put two fingers on his chest, and I said: “I am sorry but I want you out of my dream, goodbye”; and then, poof, he was gone.

I forgot to mention that the men who were already acting strange before the dream went lucid, were acting robotic/doll-like/somewhat lifeless after the dream went lucid, which happens sometimes when my dreams go lucid like this; and usually in this mode they will do whatever I say or not do much at all, but some dream characters seem independent/external like they are from someone else’s consciousness or like they are important to the dream or like they are directly connected/part of me & so those few dream characters usually do what they want & they do not act lifeless like this.

I put two of my fingers behind me without looking (I was showing off my dream powers, trying to see how easily I could make people disappear from my dreams), touching one of the men, and I made him disappear from my dream as well just by saying it/thinking it/feeling it.

I put two of my fingers to my right side barely looking at another one of the men, who was my former classmate CW, and I think that he almost disappeared but he re-appeared maybe; and so I tried again a few times, but it failed, and so I tried making another man disappear & it worked.

I then went to make another man disappear, besides CW who had failed to disappear, who was my former classmate AC; and he failed to disappear as well.

I stopped to think about why it failed to work on them and some of my thoughts/guesses were: my concentration/focus/the dreams stability was weakening, they might be independent/external dream characters from someone else’s consciousness, they might be important dream characters needed for the dream, or they were really parts of myself &  so to make them disappear would wake me up from the dream as well.

I accidentally took a bit too long thinking about this, at risk of losing control of the dream, and then maybe I went to use the bathroom; and then maybe I went to either run so fast that I would go through the wall without damaging it or might have went to jump through the roof & fly or I tried to make the dream characters who had failed to disappear to disappear, I am not sure which.

Either way, I did something that accidentally caused me to wake up from this now lucid dream, oops. 😀

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Reality Check In A Bathroom Makes The Dream Go Lucid

  1. Hey John Jr. I like your take on the dream characters. How some of them may be integral parts to the dream and therefore why you can’t get rid of them. Or why they still act strongly once you become lucid. I’ll have to think on this one since more. I definitely have some persistent people show up in my dreams.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello -W,

      Yeah, I actually forgot about this, I still wonder which of my guesses about that was correct.

      I look forward to reading your experience when ever you get to test that dream power one day. 😉

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr

      Liked by 1 person

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