Waiting With My Dad At A VA Clinic | The President Obama Game Show?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place during the day at a small fictional VA (Veterans Affairs, for military veterans) clinic, and I was there with my dad who was waiting to see his fictional primary care doctor; who was a short woman with yellow/whitish colored skin with short black colored hair in a bowl-like hairstyle wearing a white doctor’s coat with dark pants and her named was something like Doctor Chow or something like that.

The waiting room was a mostly open and bright waiting room with a few chairs mostly in the center of the room and maybe a few chairs against the walls, there was a TV, and there were a lot of windows bringing in the nice natural sunlight from outside; and there were trees outside of the clinic that provided some shade where you could walk around outside on the sidewalk if you wanted to.

I think that we were the only people in the waiting room at first, I forgot most of what happened as we waited, but something strange happened at some point; where there was maybe a large bed or something in the waiting room, and a strange scene happened that involved my dad maybe having xes with some unknown nemow or ynit nemow or something strange like that or my dad having to etabrutsam in a cup to give the clinic a nemes sample or something very weird like that but I am not sure exactly but I know that it was something lauxes.

Then something happened and things were back to normal, I have no idea what in the world happened during that part exactly, but it was weird.

Once things were back to normal I remember my dad talking about various doctors appoints that he had at this clinic and I would see flashbacks of them, and my dad complained that Doctor Chow was emotionally unstable; she would be nice one visit and then mean & wanting to cancel your appointment the next visit, and so he wanted to change doctors soon.

In the flashbacks I saw what he was talking about and it did seem annoying, since Doctor Chow would yell or refuse to see you or do a bad job as a doctor on her many emotionally unstable days, which happened at least 50% of the time; which is way too often and dangerous for a doctor to behave like that so often.

At some point my brother GC and his former classmate CG entered the clinic goofing around, CG was pushing my brother GC in a black colored wheeled cart/buggy around the waiting room, and we said a few things to them; and then they went back outside.

A few minutes later I decided to go walking outside and slowly people started to come to the clinic, and at some point a large rowdy/partying semi-drunk(?) group of men & women wearing cowboy & cowgirl style clothing came to the clinic being loud outside & goofing around; and they did some other inappropriate things that I can not remember outside too.

I came across my brother GC and CG again, I briefly talked with them, and they said that they were about to leave; and then they left.

I then went back inside the clinic and they came into the clinic too, and so there were a lot of people in the clinic too now; and I sat back down to wait with my dad, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream is more unclear and crazy, and was about what I will call The Obama Game Show.

I have no context for this dream or how it began, I am not sure if I was watching this on TV in the dream and/or if I was there on the game show or both, but I was probably seeing/hearing/experiencing things from various points-of-view during the dream.

I just remember that there were various contestants of different ages, genders, et cetera in a warehouse-like building with different sections/obstacles/levels of the game show; and I had no idea what was going on, but I was seeing/hearing/experiencing this.

I remember only part of two sections/obstacles/levels of the game show, there were more, but two are all that I can remember since I forgot the rest of the dream.

The first one that I remember involved a contestant who was a boy with medium-dark brownish colored with short black colored hair and his entire class were contestants too it seemed, but it was his turn to go; and I remember there were women dressed up who were part of the game show directing all the contestants and they were doing security too it seemed, oddly I can not remember seeing any men working with the game show except for The President Of The United States Barack Obama, but I could be wrong since I can not remember most of the dream.

This part of the game show involved answering questions to move further and the boy had successfully answered a few questions, and so he moved forward to a man sitting on a throne-like chair who had women wearing some type of unknown costumes guarding him; and to my surprise the man on the throne was President Obama.

I can not remember the question or what happened exactly but I think that President Obama was holding a question card and he asked the boy a question, and the boy got it correct I think; and so President Obama patted him on the shoulder, after the female security let the boy move closer to President Obama, and he congratulated the boy.

I am not sure if the boy was given a prize or not or what else President Obama said, whatever happened made it clear to me that this was a strange game show probably (and I wondered how did President Obama have the time to be doing a game show while still being the President Of The USA), based on how the women & President Obama were acting; they were acting like they were trying to entertain the contestants and the audience, so there was a bit of a goofy/fun environment to the game show.

It was now time for another part of the game show and so things moved to another area, and there was a new contestant who was a woman with whitish colored skin with long brownish colored hair wearing maybe a bikini or something, and she had very toned muscles; and she stood at the end of a red/or whatever color carpet that led to something high in the air, which was a throne, but you could not see it at first since it was so high.

There were women who worked with the game show guarding the area/directing the contestants again but this time they were wearing new strange costumes, and the female contestant was given either a question or challenge.

I remember a group of men & woman coming in the room, and the woman had to carry them down the red carpet or whatever color it was; it seemed to be a test of strength, and surprisingly the woman picked them all up at the same time and carried them easily down the carpet toward the tall throne that you could not see yet.

But I noticed that the back of the woman’s body looked fake like she had implants for her back, butt, back of her arms, and back of her legs; and her implants were flat almost rectangular implants that looked very strange, basically they were all flat but were taller than the skin, and so they looked like strange shaped solid objects implanted on top of her muscles & they looked very strange & stiff & unattractive.

After successfully completing the challenge, the woman kept walking around carrying the people to show off her strength, and then once again somewhat to my surprise up high on a throne-like chair at the end of the carpet was President Obama; who congratulated the woman on completing the challenge and he said a few things, as the women in strange costumes guarded the area.

But I woke up shortly after this, as I was watching all of this while trying to make sense of what was going on, because I was a bit confused even in the dream; and now that I am awake that dream seems confusing, and symbolic to me.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂