The Other GoodJohnJr

I somewhat remember part of one dream from last night, that took place in D during the day/morning, and it started in my parent’s house probably in the morning.

The telephone rang and I was the only person around to answer it and so I did, and it was my aunt JE; and she said that the water in her house was not working, and so she wanted me to come check/fix it.

I do not really know much or anything about plumbing and I did not want to go inside my aunt JE’s house or be around her (if you knew the real world situation at my aunt JE’s house and her situation(s), you would probably understand my not wanting to go there/be around her, but for privacy reasons I will keep that secret); and so I started trying to troubleshoot the problem on the phone, but as usual my aunt JE was difficult/did not try and so I told her that me and/or someone else would probably try to check it later.

I hung up the phone a bit annoyed and still not wanting to go to her house, so I decided that I would tell my dad and/or uncle JE and/or my uncle CE about it later; and at some point I drove somewhere and/or rode with my dad somewhere, and then we stopped at the C Elementary school were several churches were having a gathering/event or something.

I probably told my dad about aunt JE’s water problem and then he went inside C Elementary for the church gathering/event, while I stayed outside at the student pick up area, and I talked with a few other people who were waiting there as well; and one of them was my former classmate DC, and he was complaining to me about some embarrassing videos of himself that someone put online without his permission.

There were three videos and he showed them to me on his laptop or some other mobile computer device, I think that the videos took place inside of a church, and DC had said and/or did something inside the church that was embarrassing during the three videos but I can not remember what he did or said.

I noticed something about the videos that he did not notice, but I kept that information to myself, because I noticed that the up-loader of the three videos was named GoodJohnJr; and I wondered if that was me, even though I had no memory of uploading these videos and I have not been to church in so long that I can not remember the last time that I went to church. 😀

DC was very angry/sad/embarrassed about these three videos and he wanted my help in tracking down the up-loader of the videos and/or help finding all the places online where they were uploaded and/or help removing all of them, I told him that there was probably not much that I could do, but that I would help.

He gave me his laptop to use while I did what I could to help him with the video situation and he gave me his phone number so that I could call him once I was finished dealing with the video situation, then my dad was ready to go, and then we drove back home.

I did not think that I was the up-loader of the three videos and I remembered that I had once found someone else with the same username as me (in real life), he was from China (Chinese), and so I was going to try to figure out if it was him who uploaded the videos; it did not seem likely, but maybe he was a hacker or something, either way I was going to investigate.

Before I could go inside the house, someone drove up to our fence and got out of their automobile, I can not remember if it was a woman or man; but I do know that it was one of my former classmates, and this person said that they were one of DC’s cousins.

I told this person that I had no idea that they were DC’s cousin, which was a surprise to me since I did not know that back when we were still in school, and then this person asked me if I had solved the video situation yet.

I told them that I had just gotten home and so I had not had enough time to try to solve it yet, but that I did have some possible leads/clues/whatever and I told them that the person who uploaded it had the same username as me; and we briefly talked and the person said that they would talk with DC to help keep him calm as I worked on solving the situation & they would tell him of this latest information that I found  and then they left.

I then continued my investigation to find out who this other GoodJohnJr was, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr