Finding Old Personal Photographs And Objects

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of two dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place in a fictional building that I think was mall-like or it took place in an independent area, either way I remember going inside a place that was library / bank / arts & crafts store / flea market-like (maybe it was all of those joined in one store with each of those having a separate part of the place).

I know that near the entrance there was a large wooden desk with one or more workers behind it, and I remember that the place had a combination of things that were for sale/things that you could trade for/things that were free/things that you could rent/things that you could look at only (art work that was for show); and some things were new and some things were used.

I remember that there was paintings, sculptures, handmade jewelry, handmade crafts, books, clothes, photographs, et cetera.

The first part of the store had most of the new stuff, the middle part of the store had most of the used & for rent stuff, and the last part of the store had mostly the free stuff that looked like mostly old/dusty stuff that people donated or something; and I spent some time in the first two parts of the stores looking at the amazing variety of things that were either handmade or collectible / antique-type items mostly.

This place reminded me of another place like this that I have dreamed about before, there was more to this dream, but I forgot the middle parts of the dream; and I just remember meeting my former co-worker JF.

We talked and explored the third part of the store and we found a large old dusty folded album/binder-like thing with many pockets when you opened it, and it opened up very long since it was folded so much; and inside of it was a lot of old photographs, objects, books, et cetera.

To my surprise I noticed that some of the photographs were of me as a baby & kid (some were of real life photographs, some were fake photographs of real moments in my life, and some were just fake photographs of fake moments in my life), and I noticed some photographs that had some of my indirect family members in them like my cousin DE & my cousin ME & and a few other indirect family members.

I remember pointing out personal photographs of my indirect family and I to JF, it was like looking at old memories in the form of photographs, and JF started to notice old photographs of some of his family & himself as well.

We also found old books that belonged to some of our indirect family members, we found some old personal notebooks / notes / papers / et cetera of ours & some of our indirect family members, we found old personal cassettes / albums / et cetera, and other types of personal old objects.

We were amazed and having a good time looking through all the old personal objects wondering how did it all get here and how did it all fit in this one album/binder-like thing, but either the place was going to close or JF needed to leave; and so we took the album-binder-like thing to the front desk to see if they would let us have it for free since it was mostly our stuff & stuff that belonged to our families or we would buy it.

The woman at the front desk let us have it, since it was probably free anyway, and then we left; and somehow got to my parent’s yard at some point.

During our trip there we had divided all of our stuff so that I could keep my stuff and give the rest to my indirect family members who it belonged to, and JF would do the same for himself & his indirect family members.

We arrived to my parent’s yard during the day and my dad was outside (maybe my mom as well), and I showed him/them the stuff that we found & we told them about how we found it; and then I took our stuff inside the house, and I went back outside.

My dad started talking to me about a house but I am not sure what he was talking about exactly but here are some of the possibilities: that he wanted to go house shopping with me for a new house for our family in another city, that he wanted to go house shopping with me for a house for me in another city, that he was going to let me permanently stay at our current house and he wanted to go on a trip with me to another city, or something, either way he wanted to go with me to another city & he mentioned something about a house.

My former classmate JS showed up as JF was leaving, and he wanted me to go house shopping with him in another city & maybe he was also offering me a chance to stay at whatever house he bought; and so my dad and JF both had competing offers, and so I tried to decided which offer to choose.

I am not sure which offer I chose, maybe I chose a compromise where I would go house shopping with JS, and then return another day to go on a trip in another city with my dad & house shop with him or whatever he wanted to do; whatever I chose, I think that I remember flying in a small airplane, that probably belonged to JS.

If that is correct, then it was probably pretty fun & I probably got to help fly the airplane, and it was like some of the rare dreams that I have sometimes where I get to fly something or fly in something; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr