Cirque De / Du (Something)?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I was sleeping pretty good/deeply last night and I ended up forgetting most of my dreams, and I forgot most of the only dream that I can remember a bit of; but I know that I had more dreams and I know that the dream that I remember was longer & better, but I can not remember the details, unfortunately.

All that I can remember is going into a fictional mall-like building in a fictional place, and it was probably similar to one or more of the mall-like buildings that are sometimes in my dreams; but this mall-like building had some unique parts to it.

I remember walking around looking at stores, people, and probably talking with a few people as I explored familiar places such as a cinema, restaurants, arcade, areas that would take you to another part of the mall-like building, familiar stores, and the mall was a bit maze-like with its many hallways & areas as usual.

I remember walking through a few dark hallways that were probably in the cinema and/or one of the hallways that would take you to another part of the mall-like building, I might have watched part of a film but I can not remember, but I do remember being in a few dark areas during the dream.

I know that I went around the mall-like building a few times, getting lost sometimes, and ending up in the same areas more than once sometimes; and I know that a lot more happened in this dream, but I can not remember.

I just remember finding an area that was part outdoors with courtyards/catwalks/sidewalks/street lights/lamps/outdoor shops/shops with lots of windows/et cetera and some parts were indoors connected to the mall-like building or in separate buildings in the outdoors areas.

This place had an European style/feel/atmosphere/environment to it, one area was French with all the people & workers speaking French & the writings were in French & music in French, and one store/shop in the French area had expensive items for the middle class – upper class; and I think that it was a vision/eyeglasses shop/clinic that also sold other items & services.

I think that the people said that it was called Cirque De/Du (Something That I Can Not Remember In French) or something close to that, but I could be wrong since I was trying to understand what they were saying since everyone in this area only spoke French; and the name of the shop/clinic was on one of the windows in a fancy cursive text in French with maybe a symbol and/or lettering in a yellowish color and maybe a few other colors.

The outside of this area had a lot of old stones/rocks/whatever on the outside of the buildings and roads/streets/et cetera, and the styling of everything looked European to me; and it was nice, it was like a tiny Europe hidden in between the mall-like building, like its own world or country.

I saw people of different ages, wearing different clothing styles, speaking different languages, and from different social classes.

I spent most of my time in the French area, watching & listening & exploring, and I probably tried to talk with a few people; but a few of them probably got frustrated with me since my French skills are limited, and so I did not get to talk much due to my limited French language skills & this area was French Only, non Anglais, and so no one understood me when ever I used English when I did not know the French word(s)! 😀

I think that the workers at the expensive French shop/clinic had me leave the store since I was lower class and was not going to be able to buy anything, I just wanted to look around, but they did not want me looking around since a lower class person like me might hurt their reputation or scare away some customers or something.

I left without causing a scene, I wanted to give my opinions, but I did not know how to say them in French. 😀

Outside I wondered how did this place even exist and why have I not noticed/found it before, and then I started walking out of the French area hoping to find an area where I could better communicate with people & where maybe people were a bit nicer 😀 ; it was nice getting to be in a French only area for some practice, but being treated negatively was not nice.

I woke up as I was trying to find/get to a British/UK area or Spanish area or German area or something.

The end,

-John Jr