10-26-2012 | Dream Fragments | Being A Malcolm X-Like Man?

Malcolm X
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember part of four dream fragments, with the first dream taking place in D during the day, and I was in my parent’s yard when I saw some young people taking some of our ice coolers (coolers that hold ice) from our alleyway; and so I went to talk with them about it.

The young people were moving the coolers to the field near my parent’s yard where they had set up chairs, couches, tables, food, et cetera so that they could hang-out/play sports/et cetera; and our coolers had ice and drinks in them, and so they decided to take them.

I told them that those were our coolers and that they should ask permission next time, and I let them use the coolers & have the drinks; if they would return the coolers when finished and if they would ask for permission next time, they agreed, and then they invited me to come eat some food & drink some drinks & referee or join them in some sports.

At this point or some point I was not myself exactly as far as body, sometimes I was a man who looked like Malcolm X or Mr. H wearing a bow-tie and a brownish colored suit & sometimes I was only seeing/hearing things from his point-of-view & sometimes I would see him & things from a point-of-view like a camera person or like I was floating in the air without a body, either way it was confusing and I mostly did not notice these changes in points-of-view; but a few times I wondered who I was or whose point-of-view was I seeing things from and so I was confused in the dream at times.

I remember giving them some sports advice and then I got a plate of food, and as I was looking in the coolers I noticed a few beers; which was odd since my direct family & I do not drink alcohol & so I wondered how the beers got in there & most of the young people were too young to drink, and so I started trying to quietly collect all the beers so that I could throw them in the trash in our yard.