Getting Melted / Burned Alive During A Battle?

Source: Wikipedia

I only remember part of the end of my last dream, and so it does not make much sense and it is unclear.

I remember being in an unknown military battle it seemed and the military that I was with had at least two teams/units, and we were in an unknown place near metal storage buildings like the ones that my parents have at their house.

We were fighting an unknown military (to me at least) and we used the storage buildings as cover, and it was a slower/scarier/more realistic gun battle.

We managed to somehow survive the first wave, we were probably out-numbered but taking cover helped, and things got so bad that we had to take cover under the storage buildings; and I remember that us taking cover under the storage buildings was a nice advantage, and we were more easily defeating the other military until they retreated and/or got reinforcements.

We then fought a more advanced group who might have been alien(s) or non-human(s) or just human(s) with more advanced equipment/weapons or something, I am not sure and I can not remember, and they gave us a very hard time; and we started losing the battle, and to make it worse the survivors from the other military/group we fought earlier joined the more advanced/alien/whoever group.

Our two military units were trapped under the storage buildings getting shot at and bombs were being dropped at us from the air it seemed, and this was scary & realistic; and our military units morale/courage started to decrease, we were afraid, but had no choice but to fight or die.

Soldiers around me were dying, crying, in pain, et cetera; and I heard bullet ricochets near me, bullets flying by, dirt being knocked in the air from explosions, and many other battle noises/experiences.

Our cover was being blown up piece by piece, and I started moving further under the storage buildings in fear/trying to avoid dying; but I still returned fire at the enemy sometimes.

Then the advanced/alien/whoever enemies started using bombs that were able to melt/burn our cover and us, it was terrible, like napalm/lava/whatever mixed with a bomb.

They destroyed the other unit next to me and the entire storage building that they were hiding under, leaving maybe just some burnt/melted remains, and I heard screams from some members of my unit who got caught on fire; and then to my shock/horror they bombed our cover, and our storage building melted/burned so fast that I did not know it was gone until it was too late.

I heard screams/cries/burning/melting and I felt that our cover was gone/melted/burned, and I looked around to see everything and everyone near me melting/burning, and I felt myself melting/burning; and I felt it (it is hard to describe how it felt/looked), it was horrible, and it happened so fast that I could only scream in pain/shock/horror while saying No No No! a few times in disbelief / shock as I melted/burned down into debris/whatever.

I woke up instantly before I died or when I died or as I was dying, and you can imagine that was a weird/strange experience to wake up from; but I realized that was only a dream about two seconds after waking up/jumping up in my bed. 😀

The end,

-John Jr