Oversleeping & A Dream Area / Building That Clouds / Tricks The Mind With Grace Randolph

I overslept last night and I forgot all of my dream except part of one dream, and I got caught in a sleep/dream phenomenon that happens sometimes especially when I get very comfortable in bed; where I feel almost like being in quicksand/stuck/trapped in bed going in & out of sleep/dreams/semi-dreams/daydreams/thoughts/et cetera.

I like sleeping in the cold/when it is cold and it was nice & cold last night and so I slept comfortably, and so I over-slept and had this sleep/dream phenomenon that is more likely to happen during times like this.

I can not remember the beginning or most of the middle of the dream, I just remember being with Grace Randolph and an unknown man, and we walked outside of an unknown building / house in a field much like the one by my parent’s yard.

We entered the front of the building which was a bit like an abandoned waiting room/cinema lobby where you buy food/drinks/tickets, but we were attacked by maybe a few zombies or something; and we fled the building, and we decided to sneak to the back of the building which looked like a house; to sneak through a window into one of the bedroom-like areas.

We were a bit cautious/afraid after having been attacked by some zombies or whatever they were, so we hesitated, I was going to go first but I paused trying to prepare myself; Mrs. Randolph got her courage quicker than I did, and so she went through the window first, against my advice to wait until we all were ready first.

There was another pause, so Mrs. Randolph had entered alone with no backup for a few moments, and then the other man went through the window; and then I paused again, annoyed/afraid since my plan was not followed, and then I entered the window.

I did not see or hear the others and so I called out their names or Grace’s name at least but I got no response, oddly being inside this building/house seemed to cloud your mind/make you forget stuff/make you dumber or something/it is hard to describe, and then I heard noises in the room next to the one that I was in & that room shared a door with the room that I was in; and so I cracked it open, and I saw indirect & direct family members of my former classmate DH in the room having a gathering/party or something.

I saw DH’s mom and I talked with her and I asked her if she had seen Grace and/or the unknown man, she and no one around had seen them, and then my mind started to be erased/to forget about them & our plan/mission; and I got distracted by the gathering/party, but I did briefly explore looking for zombies/threats.

I am not sure if I found any or not, because this building seemed to mess with my mind, but the outside of the building was normal & did not mess with my/our minds; and inside this building things would happen or un-happen and you would forget most of it, and so I kept having my mind partly erased & clouded and so I forgot most of the dream but I know a lot more happened.

I left the building a few times, noticing that I would start to feel normal again, but a lot of my memory would be gone but at least outside the building I could think clearly & try to put the pieces together; and I would remember Grace and the other man, and I would go back inside to find them only to have my mind messed with again usually.

A variety of random things would happen each time I would enter the building, fortunately going outside each time helped me to prepare my mind to be ready to remember enough to help me keep my mind a bit more stable when entering the building again, and at some point I was finally able to remember & find Grace and the other man.

I brought them outside so they could get their minds back to normal somewhat, and we started working together trying to remember/share our strange experiences in the building; it was like we each were in the building but somehow our minds were prevented from seeing each other or maybe we were in different dimensions of the house like Silent Hill or something or something strange like that where the building or something was playing tricks on our minds.

We tried to stabilize our minds and we decided to start briefly entering the building and then going back outside, to reduce the amount of time we would spend in the building to protect our minds better, but I can not remember why the building was important to us; I think that we were looking for something(s) and/or someone(s), maybe one or more objects and/or members of our families.

Oddly DH’s family would be gone sometimes when we entered the building, maybe they were trapped, and maybe we could save them if we got them to leave the building or maybe they were just an illusion; I am not sure, in the dream you could not really be sure what was real or not in the building, and the building seriously effected/affected your memory.

I think that our new strategy allowed us to handle spending time in the building better, at some point I remember us being in an area near the entrance lobby, but I am not sure if we fought any more zombies/whatever or not; I just remember us talking, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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