An American Horror Story: Murder House Inspired Dream Fragment

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I barely remember part of two dream fragments, with one of the dream fragments probably being inspired by the TV show American Horror Story: Murder House, which my brother GC and I were watching last night for the first time when we accidentally/randomly came across it.

All that I can remember of my first dream fragment was walking in D during a very nice day and I was walking near the HS School, C Elementary School, SB Church, and the A School.

This was one of those dreams that I have sometimes of myself walking in this area, and these dreams are usually very realistic with natural lighting/the environment looks correctly/the people act normal/et cetera; it is like walking around in a real memory or memories.

I remember walking around enjoying the outdoors and looking around at all the familiar things and comparing them with my memory/memories, and it was very relaxing and nice; and I remember seeing a few people and maybe a few automobiles pass by, and I smiled & waved at them.

I remember walking through the SB Church field near the graveyard, my dad used to cut the grass there when I was a kid and I would sometimes be there with him when he cut the grass, and here I remembering thinking of a lot of past memories.

This was a very pleasant dream but I can not remember the rest.

The second dream is so unclear that I can not remember anything except that it seemed to be inspired by the TV show American Horror Story, and I remember a few women and men being in a house; and something was going on that was similar to something that happened on that TV show, but I can not remember what.

At some point one of the men took of a hat or mask or disguise, and he looked like an older version of Vin Diesel; but I can not remember if he was a villain in this dream or not, I just remember the women & other people being surprised/afraid/in shock/whatever.

I remember them talking but I can not remember the rest.

The end,

-John Jr

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