11-4-2012 | Dream Fragments | Getting Checked For Powers With Merlin

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I barely remember part of three dream fragments from last night, with the first dream taking place during the day in a fictional version of D not far from BB on Westside at a fictional school where some of my brothers went to, and I was there for some unknown reason walking around.

I remember feeling weird since I was an adult walking around a public school and I was not a worker, I might have looked for my brothers and maybe my mom & dad were supposed to be there somewhere, I am not sure but I remember stalling/wasting time walking around hoping to be able to eat lunch with my brothers/family before leaving for some unknown reason.

I walked around hoping no one would bother me for walking around the school, I might have come across one or more of my brothers at some point who still had class and they probably told me when lunch would start, and then I probably came across my parents later; and they were going to wait to eat lunch with my brothers, but I was ready to leave now; and so I had to decide between leaving to go somewhere else or waiting a bit longer for lunch to start, but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

The next dream is also unclear, I just remember being in a bedroom/apartment/hotel room/or some kind of room with light-colored carpet and maybe a bunk-bed with a tiny kitchen, and I was there with several people; but I only remember two of the people, one was Merlin from the BBC TV show Merlin, and the other person was the real-estate agent from the TV show American Horror Story.

I can not remember most of the dream but I think that I found out that I had powers/special abilities like Merlin and maybe he was helping me learn how to use them, and we were using our powers to help people or planned on using them to help people; but at some point a group of men with guns burst into the room taking us all hostage, and they were led by a late middle-aged man with medium length whitish/grayish hair with some facial hair of the same color with whitish colored skin.

The leader did all the talking and he seemed to be looking for people with powers/special abilities, maybe to kill them but I am not sure, and he seemed to have the ability to sense people with powers; and he suspected that Merlin and I had powers, and so he approached us and told us to hold out our pointer finger and middle finger.

He then held both of our fingers and he started focusing on trying to sense any possible powers that we had, but Merlin knew how to mask/hide his powers, and my powers only activated when I focused hard enough or maybe in extreme life & death situations; and so the leader was not able to detect our powers, and so he decided to try another test on me.

He told the real-estate agent to start punching me in my face as hard as she could as he held my two fingers, he seemed to want to see if anger/pain/et cetera would activate my possible powers, but the real-estate agent was hesitant and did not even know how to punch someone properly; and she apologized to me but I told her that it was okay and I told her to hit me as hard as she could and to not worry about it, because she probably could not hurt me too bad and they were holding her at gunpoint & so I did not want her getting shot for refusing their commands.

She finally punched me as hard as she could but it was a weak/terrible punch with no real technique, and so it did not hurt; and I started laughing. 😀

The leader told her to keep punching me and that her punch was pathetic, I think she hurt her hand a bit when she punched me 😀 , and so she then started punching me a few times; but I could barely even feel it since she was so weak.

The leader saw that it would not be easy to make me angry and his second test had failed, and so he either started testing the other people in the room and/or he started to think up new ways to test Merlin and I.

I remember looking around for possible ways to defeat the group of men with guns and their leader and I might have whispered a few ideas to Merlin, but I woke up.

*I remembered part of one or two other dreams*

I could be mistaken but I might have had another dream inspired by the TV show American Horror Story, which I watched again before going to bed, and it probably involved a house that had something special/strange about it like in that TV show; but that is all that I can remember.

I also had a dream that took place at my uncle CE‘s old house, I remember going there, and my cousin ME/his son came to the house as well; and I remember talking to him about how it had been many years since I went in that house, and we talked about some old memories from when we were kids during some of the times I went to that house to play with him (basketball, video games, board games, toys, et cetera).

ME’s girlfriend might have showed up at some point, and maybe my uncle CE/his dad; but I am not sure why we were there, maybe ME and his girlfriend were thinking about staying there, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

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