11-5-2012 | Dream Fragments | Trying To Kill A Snake


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I remember part of four dream fragments that might have been one dream, with the first dream fragment taking place during the day in a fictional area that might have been in D, and I was either with or later helped some undercover police officers/agents who were after the leader of some South American or Mexican drug cartel whose name might have sounded something like Al-A-Zar (And maybe a last name that I can not remember).

There was an old multi-floor house near where the undercover agents arrived, it was being guarded by men with guns on the ground and on the roof, and there were three undercover agents; two men and one woman, and they walked near the house and called out the name of the leader, and asked the guards if he was there.

The guards pulled out their guns and were ready to shoot, I walked closer to the agents, and they pulled out their badges to warn the guards not to shoot; and the guards refused to say whether they recognized the name or not, or if that leader was there or not.

There was a stand-off between the guards and agents/I, with both groups showing their guns, we started to back away as the agents quietly called for the SWAT team/backup/and a warrant/permit to search the house; I waited with the agents for the backup to arrive, but that is all that I can remember.

The next dream fragment involved me driving to my grandfather’s house during the day and my mom was there along with one or more of my family members, and they had an ice cooler outside with some drinks in it; and some young family members of one of my former classmates, maybe MP, came to ask for some drinks in the ice cooler.

I asked my mom if it was okay for them to have some drinks in the cooler, she said yes, and so I let them have some of the drinks; and I briefly talked with them, but that is all that I can remember.

The third dream fragment involved me driving my cousin ME during the day to the Post Office, and I went inside with him; and I found out that he wanted to send a package to his dad/my uncle JE, but he lost his address or something.

I asked him if he had uncle JE’s/his dad’s mobile phone number but he did not, and so I told him that I had it on my mobile phone; and I went outside to get my mobile phone, and then I gave the number to ME but that is all that I can remember.

The fourth and last dream fragment took place during the day and I arrived at my parent’s house, but as I was walking near the back door I noticed a large snake and so I jumped back thinking that it was alive; but it had its head missing and so it was dead.

I was surprised to see a snake in the yard, especially a large snake, and so I walked up the steps to get inside the house to ask my brothers what happened; but something fell from the trees on the ground near the steps, not far from me, and it was another large snake to my surprise.

The snake was alive and started slithering under the house, and so I opened the door and yelled for my brothers to grab some weapons & come help me kill a large snake; and I grabbed a baseball bat by the door, and I jumped from the steps on the back of the snake’s tail before it was almost completely under the house.

It kept trying to slither away and it either broke itself in half and/or me hitting it with the baseball bat broke it in half, either way, the half with the head kept slithering under the house; and I had the other half, so it was still alive but too far under the house for me to see.

My brothers came outside with baseball bats and I told them what happened, and I asked them about what had happened to the other snake.

My mom came outside to see what was going on, I told every one to be careful and start looking for the snake, I remember us looking at the dead snake and the other half of the snake that got away; and they both had different patterns and slightly different colors with one being darker than the other, and so they seemed to be two different kinds of snakes or maybe a male & female.

Their patterns and colors looked realistic, but I am not sure what kind of snakes they were; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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