11-6-2012 | Dream Fragment | A Walking Dead Season 3 Inspired Dream Fragment

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I barely remember part of one dream fragment from last night that probably was inspired by the TV show The Walking Dead.

I remember being inside of a large probably school-like building with some other people, a man like Daryl Dixon and the male prisoner from season three with dark blondish colored hair & facial hair were with me, and earlier in the dream we might have fought some zombies outside; and we probably had found a group of people surviving inside of the school-like building.

The school-like building had been cleared and made somewhat same by the group of people, who were led by The Governor from season three.

In this dream the male prisoner might have been loosely related to the Dixon brothers, but he was not rough & tough like them or raised in a harsher environment/culture like them; and so they looked down on him a bit.

Merle Dixon was out on a mission or something for The Governor, and his brother Daryl was looking forward to finally seeing him for the first time since they had been separated in probably season one.

I remember going into a gym with bleachers/stadium seating where a lot of the people were, there we talked and sat around for a while, and at some point we went to the bathroom get cleaned up since we finally had access to water to take a shower.

The Governor seemed more accepting to us and we did not have be constantly watched by his securitiy since Daryl was Merle’s brother and the male prisoner was someone who he felt would be a nice new member to his group, I am not sure how he felt about me, but I know that I did not trust him; and I wanted to quietly leave once I had a plan, but I was grateful for their help and safety of the building.

I remember the male prisoner trying to prove himself to Daryl and trying to prove that he was worthy to be member of the Dixon family, but Daryl made it clear that he still had a lot of toughening up/proving himself to do before they would consider him worthy.

At some point I was seeing things in the dream without actually being there, like a camera person or something, and Andrea and the woman with her finally left The Governor’s compound; and there was a scene in the dream where The Governor was finishing having xes with a woman, no nudity was shown since they were under bed sheets, but Andrea walked into the room telling The Governor that she needed Some Stitches. (Which might have been code for something lauxes)

Early The Governor had seemed interested in Andrea and wanted her to stay, and Andrea seemed to feel the same way (like in the TV show); but she decided to leave with the woman who had saved her.

The Governor decided to have xes with another woman, probably to help himself forget about Andrea, thinking that she would not return; but now she had burst into his room as he was finishing having xes with another woman, and so he was a bit shocked & stood there with his mouth opened for a moment.

Oddly, he seemed to have no security guarding the door or area where he was, and then he started talking to Andrea as he was putting his clothes back on; and the other woman got dressed and left.

I decided to warn Andrea that she should not have returned and ask her to leave with me, and if she decided to come back to The Governor’s compound; then she could.

I appeared in the dream again and I walked into the room, and The Governor got angry and asked who was I and how did I get past his security & get into his room; and I was over-confident for some reason, I told him who I was, and I told him the rest was not important now.

I tried to convince Andrea to leave with me, trying not to alert The Governor to the fact that I did not trust him at all and that I knew of some of his crimes/bad things that he had done, and there was an argument between the three of us.

We all had handguns and I probably had to draw my guns twice, I was faster than both of them, and so they were forced to put their guns away.

I finally convinced Andrea to come with me for a while, and then she could return if she decided to; but The Governor did not seem ready to accept that, but he knew that he could not draw his gun faster than me and so he probably was going to wait until we left the room to call his security to stop us.

Andrea and I started to leave the room and then I started telling her why I came to convince her to leave, for her own safety, and then I told her that we had to hurry & be ready to fight since The Governor’s security would probably try to stop us once they found out what happened.

I remember us trying to escape as The Governor yelled for his security and he angrily asked them how did I get past them, and he told them to stop us; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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