11-7-2012 | Dream Fragment | Walking With Abraham Lincoln

English: Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth Presid...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I barely remember part of one dream from last night, which took place in a fictional city, and my family & I were at a motel that had several one floor brick project housing looking buildings that had two or three motels per building.

There was a parking lot and some of the building were on grass and/or dirt, and near/between two of the buildings was a large puddle of water with tall grass by it, like a tiny natural pond; and near the motel was a multi-floor apartment complex.

I forgot most of the dream but my family and I went to sleep probably at some point, and woke up the next morning to get ready to leave and/or go get breakfast; and I remember going outside in my pajamas for some unknown reason, and I was walking around.

I came across members of Reckless Tortuga, who were probably filming and/or working on something in a storage building like the ones my parent’s have, and I went inside the storage building with them for some unknown reason; and I remember them talking and/or arguing about something that I can not remember.

I think that they wanted to go somewhere else but I wanted to change out of my pajamas, and so they probably had some clothes that I could change into; and I remember changing my clothes, as they talked/argued, more happened but I can not remember what happened.

At some point I left to walk or ride a bicycle back to the motel and as I was crossing the large water puddle I noticed what seemed to be a dead dog or a dog laying in the large water puddle; and so I avoided it, and told my family about it when I reached their motel & they probably called someone about the dog to see if it was okay/alive.

At some point I was walking by the multi-story apartment complex, maybe to met the people who were going to check on the dog so that I could show them where it was at, and to my surprise it was the dead former USA President Abraham Lincoln with a male nurse or just a man who appeared to be from our time period.

The male nurse or man was helping Mr. Lincoln walk by supporting his left side, I am not sure why he needed help walking, but I got on the right side of Mr. Lincoln and I helped hold him up from the right side; and so we both supported him from both sides to help him walk.

Mr. Lincoln was taller than the male nurse/man & I, and he was wearing a black colored suit probably and he might have had a taller black hat that he is often shown wearing in drawings (but I am not sure).

I remember talking with Mr. Lincoln and the male nurse/man as we walked, it was nice talking with them but I can not remember what we talked about unfortunately, and I led them to where the dog had been; but it was gone, and then I woke up as we were talking about that.

The end,

-John Jr

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