11-16-2012 | Dream Fragments | Topanga’s Idea

Boy Meets World
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I barely remember part of three dream fragments from last night, with the first dream fragment involving my brother GC‘s cat Dawn, but I can not remember what the dream was about.

The second dream involved one or more US Government websites that I accidentally found to be infected with malware when I tried to visit those websites & I checked those websites with several website scanners that showed that they were infected with malware (probably some browser exploits), one of the websites was a FBI website, and I must have dreamed of this the night before or something because I remember learning this in the recent past; and I was surprised that no one in the US Government or no one else, as far as I knew, had noticed that those websites were infected with malware except me.

It was another example of poor internet/computer security/laziness/et cetera by the government/people in general, but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

I forgot most of the third and last dream except for part of the end of the dream, which took place during the day in a fictional place at a college-like building where I think that I had a class with several unknown people and some of my former classmates like MH, TC, MJ, MW, et cetera.

Something happened that I can not remember that might have involved some mafia members/gang members/assassins/agents/dangerous people who might have shot me or tried to kill me, and maybe they & my classmates thought that I had died; but somehow I did not die, and I was going to fake my death or keep pretending that I was dead.

My former classmate MH came across me by accident as I was sneaking away from the building outside and I let him know that I did not die, but that I was considering continuing to pretend that I was dead/faking my death to protect myself and others from the people who tried to kill me.

He joined me as we walked behind the building to a small shack-like building that might have been near a dock area and/or parking lot, and we went inside to talk; and as we sat down talking I told him that the idea to fake my death/keep pretending that I was dead was…, but before I could finish my sentence Topanga from the TV show Boy Meets World walked out of the shadows/out of no-where or through the door smiling & looking at me & she finished my sentence by saying that it was her idea.

I somehow instantly knew her, I knew that it was really her idea, I knew that we were a couple, I was instantly comfortable with her/happy that she was there, I felt that we were very close like we had known each other for years, and I introduced her to MH as my girlfriend Topanga in a very relaxed mood while smiling; it was like I was expecting this/knew that this would happen or something, even though I can not remember Topanga from earlier in the dream.

We briefly talked about how if we went through with her plan that I/We would have to leave L and maybe the country forever to avoid being noticed/found to be still alive, and we briefly talked about the many other difficulties/risks of her plan.

We both liked the thought of leaving and starting a new life together, but it was just too risky & complicated; and so I decided to not fake my death/keep pretending that I was dead.

I told Topanga sorry, she understood & accepted my decision, and I asked MH to go tell our other classmates that I was still alive; and I would go greet them shortly after talking with Topanga, and so MH left to do that for me.

After a brief talk in the shack-like building, Topanga and I slowly walked & talked as we went back toward the college-like building, Topanga then either left to her automobile or she left to meet me later for safety/security reasons, and then I greeted my classmates to let them know that I was still alive.

I briefly talked & joked with them as we waited for class to be over, it was almost over, and we waited near the exit and outside of the exit; and at some point it was time to leave.

I then walked off to meet Topanga so that we could begin a new plan to survive/deal with the people who had tried to kill me, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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