11-17-2012 | Dream Journal | Teaching Annie How To Hold A Baby

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Last night I had a variety of dreams, some in the same location, but I forgot all but one of them due to having to use the bathroom; but I did not feel like getting out of bed, so I just held it, and so I kept waking up & lightly going back to sleep many times until I finally woke up for good to go use the bathroom.

The only dream that I can somewhat remember involved the ghost Annie Sawyer from the BBC TV show Being Human, an unknown man, an unknown very small & very young baby/infant, and I being in my grandfather’s living room.

I am not sure who the baby belonged to but the baby was alive, as was the man, but Annie was a ghost; and I am not sure if I was alive or a ghost.

The baby was very small and young like it had been born not that long ago (a few days old maybe or less?), it still could not open its eyes, and it wore a whitish colored baby knit hat with a little fabric tip or ball at the top with maybe a blueish one-piece baby suit with built-in foot pads (like my mom used to dress my brothers and I in when we were babies 😀 ).