11-18-2012 | Dream Fragments | A Holiday Surprise

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I remember part of several dreams, with the first dream taking place during the day in an unknown city and I was arriving at a fictional college dorm/apartment-like place for the first time to get an apartment/dorm, and I might have went to the office to get my key & sign paper work; and the woman who worked in the office had light brownish colored skin with black colored hair, but I am not sure if I went to the office first or after I went to my apartment/dorm.

It seemed that I probably planned on attending a small fictional college that was near the dorm/apartment but I am not sure, I just remember unpacking my stuff in my dorm/apartment, which was in a small one floor brick building with one or two other apartments; and there were several other apartment/dorm buildings like this and maybe one or two multi-floor(ed) apartment/dorm buildings as well.

After unpacking my stuff I went back to the office for some reason, probably to see if all my paperwork and payments were made and to find out how the payment situation worked, but there was another woman at the office instead this time; and she had the same skin color and hair color as the other woman, but her body was obese/over-weight.

I did not know my room number or have any of my paperwork as I went to talk with the woman, and so she either stopped to look up that information and/or I went back to my apartment/dorm to get it; but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Next, I remember being outside during the day in a fictional city that was new to me like I had recently arrived like in the first dream (this might have been part of the first dream), and I was in a parking lot near a hotel & small shopping center & fast food restaurant; and I was going to walk around the city.

I waited in line behind an automobile that was also waiting to cross the street and it was being driven by a woman with whitish colored skin with short-medium blond colored hair who had a lot of kids in her automobile, it seemed that the woman was a teacher/parent/helper/whatever for a group of kids who probably were staying at the hotel on a field trip or something, and behind me was a woman driving a car who might have had one or two kids.

In the parking lot I saw a girl or boy (probably a girl) with whitish colored skin with curly medium-long blond/dark blond colored hair riding a Big Wheel/tricycle, probably one of the kids staying at the hotel but no one was watching the kid oddly, and the kid hit the car behind me with the Big Wheel without stopping or saying sorry; and then the kid hit me from behind in the same way, and then the kid hit the automobile in front of me.

The woman in front of me got out of her automobile angry and yelled at the kid to stop, the kid stopped like she or he knew the woman, and the woman gave the kid a lecture about what they had done wrong and told the kid to apologize to us; and then the woman apologized to me, I told her that it was okay, and then I told the kid that it was okay but that she or he should be careful & ride safely away from automobiles & the road & with an adult watching them.

I then told the woman behind me in the car about the apology, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The next dream took place during the morning maybe at my parent’s house, and my mom found an old computer or parts of a computer; and she wanted me to fix it/put it together so that my dad & her could use it as a practice computer, so they can learn how to use a computer.

I told her okay and I think that I somewhat recognized the computer/computer parts, and I was guessing that it had Windows 98 or 95 on it; and I was wondering the specifications of the hardware so that I could know which operating systems that its hardware could support, I was hoping to at least be able to install Windows XP if I was lucky or an older version of Ubuntu Linux, and I wondered what anti-malware protection I would install on it but that is all that I can remember of this part.

The next part took place outside my grandfather’s yard where I was walking to probably check my grandfather’s mail & newspaper for him, but my uncle CE came over & talked with me briefly & then he left or walked off; and then my grandfather came outside his yard to maybe pick some pecans, and he was in his electric scooter at first.

I talked with him briefly and he got out of his electric scooter holding a strange curved metal thing with blue colored handles, he was trying to use this as a cane, but it was wobbly & he kept almost falling; and so I recommended that he use his electric scooter or cane or that I would go get his walker.

He probably said that was not necessary but I went inside his house to find his walker anyway but I did not see it in his room, and so I was walking through the middle room to look in the living room but my uncle CE called my name; and I saw that my uncle CE had a small afro hairstyle/haircut like in his younger days, and he told me to go to the living room while smiling.

Before I could enter the living room two naked boys with dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair were wrestling with each other and a bath towel(s), they both seemed to have just gotten out of the tube/shower, and they were having fun pulling each others ears/sesinep/arms/et cetera laughing & smiling; and they accidentally bumped into me, I did not know them, but I was guessing that maybe they were indirect family members of mine who I had never met.

In the living room a man sitting on a couch with dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair yelled for them to stop and for them to finish drying off & put some clothes on & he told them to move out of my way, but he said this while smiling & laughing; and he appeared to be their dad, and I was guessing that maybe he was also an indirect family member of mine who I had never met.

I walked into the living room as the man greeted me like he knew me and I saw several indirect family members like my aunt ME and several other indirect family members fixing Christmas decorations/drinks/food with several unknown women with whitish colored skin (not as whitish colored as my aunt ME) who seemed to be caterers or friends of some of my indirect family members or they were some of my indirect family members who(m) I have never met before.

The mood/environment/feeling of the living room was happy/positive like an old memory of the holidays many years ago when my family & indirect family used to celebrate together in more positive ways when my grandmother DE was still alive (those days are now distant memories it seems unfortunately), it was magical/amazing, and everyone in the room was smiling/laughing/talking/working together.

I looked around in amazement at the beautiful decorations (maybe even a tree like when I was a kid), drinks, food, and I was surprised that people were here already & getting ready for Christmas it seemed even though Thanksgiving Day has not even passed yet.

I even saw a smiling women laying on a couch across the room who seemed to be my aunt CE who died this year, I could not believe my eyes & I remember thinking that I was seeing things because she was dead, and so I closed my eyes & I shook my head & looked again; but I think that she was gone and/or I then assumed that maybe it was just a woman who looked like her from a distance (I think that it was a younger woman who was actually laying there when I walked closer, but maybe my aunt CE was there at first but disappeared).

I then told myself that maybe I had just been seeing/imagining things, but I kept an opened mind; and continued enjoying the amazing mood of the room.

My parent’s arrived to help and I sat down near the table looking around, and I started to get emotional; it was over-whelming seeing all of this positiveness among my family & indirect family, and I started trying to stop myself from crying.

The woman who seemed to be leading the organizing of decorations/food/drinks who had whitish colored skin with short-medium dark blond or brownish colored hair saw me/heard me almost crying/semi-crying without tears; and at first she thought that I was unhappy with the decorations/drinks/food.

I had a hard time talking since I was fighting hard to stop from crying but I managed to tell her that I was not unhappy and that the decorations/drinks/food was amazing, and that I was just so happy/over-whelmed with it all & that how this was amazing; and I told her that she would not see me cry publicly, since I do not normally cry around other people, and I continued fighting to stop from crying & so I was making sounds from the pressure of trying to hold back all the emotions.

My mom saw me fighting to stop from crying and she started to almost cry or cry a bit, and I starting laughing a bit still trying to stop from crying; it was very hard holding back the tears, but I did.

I then noticed nice/fancy-looking glasses of Oreo cookies & cream looking drink that was a bit thick like a shake or eggnog, and I wanted to try some of that and it was near some cake; and there was a variety of desserts around the table.

I smiled, laughed, and looked around as I was recovering from stopping myself from crying; and I took a moment to just enjoy the moment, and prepare myself to start helping the others and then enjoy the amazing food/drinks and company of the people in the room; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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