11-19-2012 | Dream Fragment | An Anime Ritual/Experiment In The Non-Animated World?

Lyra's grandfather, Tangle is holding a self-m...
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I barely remember part of my last dream, though I had more dreams than this, but it is very confusing and unclear; even in the dream it was confusing and unclear.

I can only remember near the end of the dream where I walked into my grandfather’s yard during a gray day and he was outside in his yard, and I think that he fell on the ground; and so I went to help him up and take him inside his house; and my grandfather seemed shaken/confused/empty-minded/whatever like something was negatively effecting/affecting his mind.

I took him into his house and something was strange about the inside of his house and it started to effect/affect my mind too, my grandfather was seeing & hearing things that were not there and was acting like he had acted outside like something was effecting/affecting his mind like a fungus/gas/chemical/drug/power/magic/whatever.

I started to feel dazed/dizzy/confused/whatever and could not stand properly like I had been drugged or something, like my grandfather, and I started to hear the voices that my grandfather was hearing; and my mind was all messed up like being mind jacked or something, and I saw a man enter the room with dark brownish colored skin who probably looked a bit like the comedian Tracy Morgan or someone like that; and he said that maybe a fungus or something was in the air, and so he opened a window or two to help air out the house but he probably was just a hallucination.

I then started to see some people who were probably animated like from a Japanese anime but I could be wrong since my mind was so messed up that they could have been aliens or something for all I know, they were the people who my grandfather could see, they were saying & doing something; and they might have been the reason behind what was happening to our mind, but I can not remember the things that I learned during this part unfortunately because my mind was too messed up.