Temporarily / Almost Being In The CIA / CIA Tryouts?

I remember part of one or two dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place mostly in a CIA safe house / building / training facility / whatever, but I can not remember the beginning of the dream.

Several people and I had been chosen by one or two men who were in the CIA for what I guess you could call CIA try-outs or something like that, where we were temporarily/somewhat part of the CIA or at least in consideration for becoming members of the CIA, and we were thrown into our jobs with no training or explanation of our jobs or mission(s) or anything; and I think that I had an important role in my team, but I had no idea what my job was or what I was supposed to be doing. 😀

We were in a CIA house/building that looked like a normal house/building, so it was probably a secret/safe site or something, and I remember my team and I trying to figure out what to do the entire dream.

I think that the one or two CIA agents who recruited(?) us were watching/listening to us from a hidden room somewhere, without us knowing it, and they probably would call us sometimes with orders or to check on us or something like that; and Saul Berenson from the TV show Homeland joined the two other CIA agents at some point, maybe Saul was the one who recruited me or thought that I had potential.

We kept trying to figure out what to do but every time I asked for information we were told that we did not have clearance and so we were not allowed access to classified information, and we were not allowed to go to CIA meetings; and so we were left clueless and almost all our requests for information/help were rejected.

At some point my team got frustrated not knowing what was going on or what to do and during that frustration I told my team that I was just a regular man/person with no college degree, who suffered from depression & social anxiety, I had no CIA training, I did not know what my job was, I had no idea what the mission(s) were, that we did not have clearance to access almost any CIA information/meetings/resources et cetera; and when I said that the two CIA agents called a stop to our test/try-outs/whatever when they heard me say that I suffered from depression/social anxiety & that I had no college degree/training.

I guess mental/emotional issues/problems and no college degree/intelligence training made me not eligible to be in the CIA, Saul looked disappointed, and the three of them wondered how did someone like me even made it to tryouts/whatever; and so someone had not done a good background check on me or maybe any of us, and so they were going to have to do background check on everyone.

This was a serious problem and the two CIA agents walked off to make some calls to investigate this big mistake/problem, and Saul went to talk with me personally.

He told me what had happened, he told me that he thought that I had potential & he wanted me to become a CIA agent one day, he recommended that I go get help for my depression/social anxiety, and he recommended that I go to a certain school/training facility whose name I can not remember & that I train in a certain program that started with an M but I can not remember the name of the program, and he said that once I did those two things successfully that I would probably be eligible to tryout for the CIA again; and he said that he would do what he could to help me be accepted into the CIA once I completed those two things successfully.

Saul seemed to really believe in my potential abilities as a future CIA agent, and we briefly talked; and he walked off.

I also learned that the other people in my team, unlike me, had college degrees and some intelligence training; but then I woke up or the dream jumped in time.

The next dream or part of the first dream that I remember took place at a hotel-like apartment or dorm or facility that was probably connected to the school/training facility that Saul had told me about, I had signed up for the M program and for help with my depression/social anxiety, and I was moving into to a hotel-like room that I was sharing with a couple (a man and a woman who were dating or married).

The room was not that big and so my bed was not far from the couple’s bed, so we shared a bedroom oddly, and I remember them making out/kissing a lot as I was trying to unpack; which was a bit annoying.

At some point they finally stopped and they greeted me for the first time, and we began to talk about several things that I can not remember at this time because of people annoying me all morning so my memory of the dream is fading; but I did remember what we had talked about, since it was very specific and important to the rest of the dream, but unfortunately I can not remember it at this time because of all the noise while I am trying to type this.

I know that they remembered me from somewhere else and I remembered them, so maybe we had shared a room before or met somewhere else earlier, but I can not remember the specifics.

Maybe they were in the same M program as me, but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember at this time.

The end,

-John Jr

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