11-24-2012 | Dream Fragment | A Homeland Conspiracy And Cover-Up, Nicholas Brody Is Abu Nazir?

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Last night I had an interesting dream about a complex conspiracy related to the plot on the TV show Homeland, my dream/mind took part of the plot from Homeland and changed it in new ways, but I can not remember the beginning of the dream or some of the important parts.

Nicholas Brody was once again part of the conspiracy and he went to have a secret meeting in a small fancy restaurant on an upper floor with several people, one of whom was a high level FBI or CIA agent with dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair who was a mole/working as part of the conspiracy.

I might have been in the restaurant for some unknown reason during their meeting or I was not in the dream, I am not sure which, but I do know that a female FBI or CIA agent with medium-dark brownish colored skin with short-medium length black colored hair was secretly trying to spy on Mr. Brody in the restaurant; and she was surprised to see her boss, the high level FBI or CIA agent at the meeting with Mr. Brody.

She assumed that maybe her boss was working undercover and that is why he had not mentioned anything about this meeting & maybe that is why he was at the meeting, but she was a bit suspicious; but her focus was Mr. Brody, and so that is who she focused on.

At the meeting the dream gets unclear/confusing but the dream hinted that maybe Mr. Brody is Abu Nazir now, at the meeting Mr. Brody was talking to Abu Nazir or imagined that he was talking to Abu Nazir; and Mr. Brody was trying to tell Abu Nazir that he was done with the conspiracy/that he did not want to help with the conspiracy anymore, but Abu Nazir calmly talked to him in a hypnotic way that cause Mr. Brody to have a bit of a break-down or change of mind.

I saw what I guess was happening in Mr. Brody’s mind, where he was standing in a dark bathroom looking in a mirror, and Abu Nazir was in the mirror instead of Mr. Brody’s reflection; and it was like Mr. Brody now had a split personality disorder because of the torture/brainwashing that he suffered and due to the death of Abu Nazir’s son.

The reflection of Abu Nazir was talking with him reminding him of the US drone strike that killed Abu Nazir’s son and Mr. Brody’s promise to get revenge and the brainwashing (I guess), and it was hinted that Abu Nazir had also died in that drone strike; and that maybe Mr. Brody had a break-down that led to his personality splitting and part of his personality became Abu Nazir thanks to the brainwashing.

Mr. Brody continued looking in the mirror and it seemed that his personality switched to Abu Nazir, he started talking like Abu Nazir, he probably put on a fake beard, he probably put something on his skin to change his skin color a bit, he put on some glasses, and he changed his clothes & head-ware/head-gear/head-covering; but I am not sure if this was just in his mind or was this me imagining this as a guess.

Back in the restaurant the meeting ended after this, the high level FBI or CIA agent walked off, but was approached by the female FBI or CIA agent who was one of his employees; and she asked him what was he doing at the meeting with Mr. Brody, since he had not mentioned anything about it to her.

Her boss looked uncomfortable and said that he could not talk about it here, and so he asked to meet her somewhere else to talk about it; and she asked him to meet her at an apartment that belonged to a man who she trusted, she did not mentioned that it belonged to someone else.

She called the man who owned the apartment to tell him about the situation, the man said that he did not trust her boss and he recommended not meeting her boss privately, but he would let them meet at his apartment.

She arrived at the man’s apartment room and he warned her again not to trust her boss & to be ready to defend herself & he recommended that she cancel the meeting, but she still trusted her boss and she refused to cancel the meeting; but the man managed to convince her to let him be in the room during the meeting.

He came up with a plan to have the meeting take place on his bed while he pretended to be sleep, he would be on the middle of the bed, she would be on the left side of the bed, and her boss would be on the right side of the bed; and she agreed to the plan.

Her boss arrived and they had the meeting on the bed as planned, but her boss did not like having someone else in the room but she convinced him that he was sleep & that he could be trusted; and so their meeting started.

Her boss was interested in how much did she learn as she spied on the meeting with Mr. Brody earlier, he seemed worried about her learning of his true involvement, but she seemed to not know enough yet connect him directly with the conspiracy; but her boss did not want to take any chances, I forgot to mention that somehow her boss & the others connected with the conspiracy knew that I had seen too much as well.

Her boss was really meeting with her to see if anyone else knew what she knew or saw, and he was going to kill her or anyone else that knew too much; and he told her that he was sorry but.. and he reached for his gun to shoot her, but the man/her friend pretending to be sleeping on the bed pulled out his gun from under the bed sheets and shot her boss in the head & he died before he could kill them both.

They realized that the conspiracy was deeper/more complex/went higher than they had expected, and so now their lives were in danger; and it would be very hard for them to try to get the truth out or learn more about the conspiracy to stop it or expose it.

There were people higher up that would probably have her fired from the FBI or CIA and have them hunted down for the alleged murder of her boss, and so they could not trust anyone; and they would have to run and hide for their lives.

The people involved in the conspiracy somehow knew already about the death/failure of her boss, so they were going to continue on trying kill or stop her/them, and I was also on their target list; but since I was just a regular person (not a FBI or CIA agent), they were going to get rid of me in another way instead of killing me.

The dream jumped to a part that I can not remember where I was had a light machine gun or assault rifle with a grenade launcher, and something happened where I must have been tricked into attacking some people (who I might have thought were not even Human) who I thought were trying to kill me or other people or something but I can not remember the beginning to know what happened exactly; I just know that if felt like a video game at first like Fallout 3/New Vegas and Saints Row The Third.

I remember shooting and launching grenades (which turned out to be flash-bangs at first) at people/creatures, and I entered a gym where a lot of them were running or chasing me; and I remember telling them to stop or back off, I realized that I was launching flash-bangs instead of frag grenades, and so I switched to frag grenades.

They did not follow my warnings and so I started to launch real grenades at them, and they started to run; and some of them ran into a room in the gym and so I shot some grenades into the room, and then I realized that all the people who I was shooting at were many of my former classmates who I graduated with from high school.

I heard some of them screaming/crying for me to stop and asking me why was I attacking them, I stopped in shock, once I realized who I had really been attacking; and I feared that I might have killed some of them or serious injured some of them, and so I went inside the room to make sure everyone was okay & to apologize.

But everyone was either afraid of me or hated me so much that they wanted to attack me, they all thought that I was a liar/mass murder/serial killer/et cetera, and I kept trying to explain that this was a mistake that I must have been tricked or something; but no one would listen to me.

They were blaming me for murders that happened not long ago and other crimes that I did not remember, and so I felt that the people in the conspiracy had set me up; and that they were trying to have me arrested for crimes that I did not commit where I would be put in prison for life or get the death penalty, and no one would believe me if I told them about the conspiracy.

I felt terrible wondering if I had accidentally killed or hurt someone during this attack, and it was terrible having my former classmates/friends/team-mates/et cetera hate me/call me names/et cetera.

It was especially painful having my former classmate AM (who I looked up to, somewhat wanted to be like) be completed disgusted by me/hate me/not believe me/et cetera, and I kept trying to explain myself as he angrily questioned me and argued with me.

My former classmates LL, RM, and MT were so angry at me that they stood near us/me ready to attack me but they did not since I still had my gun; and either I or someone else had called the police, and so I/we were waiting for them to arrive as I tried to explain myself to everyone.

AM said that I killed his girlfriend JH who is also a former classmate of ours, he said that he had trusted me and asked me why did I betray them, he asked if I had always been pretending/lying since I was a good student/person or seemed to be & why would I suddenly started killing & attacking people who I knew, and he asked/said many other things that I tried to respond to; but no one would listen to me.

I felt so terrible, every word made me feel worse and I sat down at a desk feeling terrible and wondering what had happened that allowed me to be tricked like this and what would happen to me once the police arrive, and AM asked me why did I kill D (I assumed he meant my cousin DE/DE’s sister) and I told him that she was alive when I last saw her; but he claimed that I had killed her and he called me a liar, and he asked me why would I kill one of my family members.

I started to feel so bad that I kept hoping that I was just dreaming, because it seemed real enough but I wondered why had the police not arrived yet, and so there was hope that this was only a dream; but I still felt so bad and as I was thinking about the situation, I woke up, because of all the mental/emotional/social pain/confusion/et cetera.

The end,

-John Jr

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