11-25-2012 | Dream Journal| Having Dry Skin/Dead Skin Removed/Brushed By My Former Classmate DF?

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot most of my dreams because something that I ate last night caused my body/stomach to start cramping/hurting/bubbling/et cetera while I was sleeping/dreaming, and my body kept sending me warnings signs/signals as I slept/dreamed but I mostly ignored them at first; but at some point my body forced me to wake up, and I had to go to the bathroom and I had diarrhea thanks to whatever bad food I ate.

The warning signs/signals and waking up abruptly to get to the bathroom caused me to forget all but two dream fragments of two dreams.

The first dream fragment involved members of The Team from the animated TV show Young Justice, I am not sure if I was in the dream or not or if I was Superboy or not, I just remember that Superboy was somehow doing surveillance/tracking/whatever on someone who The Team was interested in/investigating/whatever for some reason; and he always knew how to find the person or where they had been faster than anyone else.

I remember that The Team kept showing up at places that person had been, Superboy always got there first to their surprise, and so they finally confronted him about it; and he told them his secret to tracking them (which I can not remember exactly but maybe he used a tracking device or something), and I remember that several of them disagreed with his methods for some reason.

They had a debate/argument about it, but I woke up.

I only remember the end of the second dream, which I know involved some of my former classmates who I was spending time with around various locations in D, and my former classmate DF & I seemed close; but I am not sure if we were dating or not.

I remember at the end of the dream DF was very close to my face for some reason, and she noticed some dry skin/dead skin/whatever it is that was pealing on a few areas of my face (this has been going on a bit in real life too, the dry/dead skin part).

She asked me if I had used the facial brush or whatever you call it that she had recommended to me, I told her that I decided to be lazy & use a soft bristle hairbrush instead sometimes, and she smiled/laughed & told me that was a mistake; and then she pulled a facial brush/whatever from her makeup kit/purse, and she showed me what it looked like.

The facial brush/whatever had a unique shape and it had white colored bristles, she explained the design of the brush and how to use it, and she told me to be still; and then she started to brush the dry/dead skin from my face, and so I sat/lay there comfortably while she did this as we talked.

We seemed very close/comfortable, I remember joking around a bit as we talked and as she brushed my face, and at some point she finished brushing my face; and she had me look into a mirror to see the change/difference that the brushing/facial brush/whatever made.

I noticed the difference and I thanked her, I told her that she was correct and that I would follow her advice, and then we went back to enjoying the moment but then our nice moment was interrupted by me waking up abruptly due to my body alerting me to a problem; and I woke up feeling/knowing that something was wrong with my stomach, and I quickly walked to the bathroom.

After I finished with the diarrhea, for now at least, I looked in the mirror for fun to see if my face seemed clearer/free of some of the dry/dead skin; and it did to my surprise, but I was not wearing my glasses so maybe I just could not see it. 😀

The end,

-John Jr

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