A Semi-Reality TV Show & Projections?

I remember part of the end of a somewhat confusing dream from last night that had several different things going on during the dream, but the main thing going on in the background was something about what I will call a semi-reality TV show.

The dream took place physically in my grandfather’s yard mostly near his gate/fence by the R Trailer, some parts of the dream did not take place physically in the yard but either in front of me in my mind or in a projection of another place (like a video or parts of another dimension place that I could somehow see happening in front of me in the air) that I could see hovering in front of me in my grandfather’s yard or something strange like that.

I forgot most of what the semi-reality TV show was about, the appearance of it was like a low-budget darker online web-series that somewhat reminded me of Battlestar Galactica (but not in space) mixed/joined/combined with a few other things, and I am not sure if it was really a semi-reality TV show or not; in the dream I was confused about it.

The TV show seemed fictional mostly but all the actors and actresses almost always stayed in character even when not filming the show during breaks it seemed and they acted like the show was somewhat real or real, at some point the people over the TV show and the actors/actresses started trying to recruit new actors & actresses for the TV show; and so I remember each of the actors & actresses making recommendations, and they invited their chosen actors & actresses to come see what the show was all about.

Each actor/actress who chose a guest actor/actress, got to show that guest actor/actress around the set/TV show, and I remember a variety of known & unknown actors/actresses being there such as: Robert Downey Jr. acting like Tony Star and Edward James Olmos acting like Commander William Adama.

Mr. Olmos had been chosen by a military/soldier actor(?), who acted like the show was real, and he thought that Mr. Olmos would make a good military leader; but Mr. Olmos seemed to be over-whelmed by what he saw, things seemed real/serious, and he did not feel that he had what it took to be on the TV show.

Mr. Olmos said that he was just an actor and that Commander Adama was just a character, and that he was not a real solider; and the military/soldier actor(?) was disappointed by this, he and told the director/whoever that maybe he was wrong about Mr. Olmos.

The TV show might have been a full reality TV show, I am not sure, but I am assuming that it was real & fake (if that made sense).

The military/soldier actor(?) told Mr. Olmos to give it a chance, he still had some faith that Mr. Olmos could adapt and take a military leadership role, and then the two of them continued; and then Mr. Downey Jr was walking around on his tour joking around like Tony Stark about how serious the TV show was, but he seemed to be able to handle it better than Mr. Olmos.

More was shown about this TV show, but I can not remember those parts, this TV show stuff continued in the background in the projection by the gate; and I walked off to clean up and take out the trash in my grandfather’s yard that indirect family members had probably left from the holidays or something.

While I was cleaning up and taking out the trash by the bus stop area, it felt like early morning, and I noticed two large fish in two separate plastic bags; and some of my brothers (TD, KD) came to wait for the bus, and I asked them if those were their fish & I think that they said yes but I could be wrong.

The two large fish were too big for the plastic bags, I was worried about them running out of oxygen, they did not look like they were doing good, they needed more room, and so I started trying to move the bags in a way that would hopefully help them breathe/move/whatever and I asked my brothers if I could put them in a fish tank where they could have more room; and they said yes.

Oddly in my grandfather’s yard not far from the projection were some fish tanks (aquariums) in the yard and outside of the yard, and so I walked over to figure out which fish tank was large enough to hold the fish; all the fish tanks were too small but some where larger than others, and the fish tanks were better than plastic bags.

The largest fish tank had a small fish and her baby who was a yellowish color I think, and then a new projection appeared in the air of several beautiful women with whitish colored skin (they all had nice long styled slightly curled/curly(?) hair in the same style with one of them with blondish colored hair, one with black colored hair, and one with brownish colored hair) who started talking to me & each other.

The projection did not show their entire bodies and I could not tell where they really were from the limited background of the projection, the projection of the TV show showed a lot more, and the women told me that the small fish & her baby was theirs; and they talked about the fish and more, they had several conversations going on with each other & me at the same time, so it was a bit confusing.

I asked them for advice on where to put the two big fish, they knew the two big fish, and they seemed to want one of the big fish to be the husband of the small fish; but they were afraid of something bad happening again or almost happening again (I guess something bad happened or almost happened in the past), like the big fish trying to eat the small fish, and so they suggested moving the small fish & her baby to a smaller tank and putting the two big fish in the large tank.

I did that as they continued talking with each other and me, there was a bit of goofiness(?) about the women, how they talked back & forth to each other and me; they argued a bit, they acted like sisters or like three people who were somehow connected or a person with split personalities.

The woman with the blondish colored hair seemed to directly talk with me on behalf of the group mostly or she tried to dominate their conversations by talking over the others, I am not sure if the projection faded or ended, I just remember my mom walking over to talk with me; and I can not remember seeing the projection at this point.

My mom told me about several things, once of which was about CC’s girlfriend job, and my mom asked me if I remembered Emily; and I asked if she was talking about Emily from the UK (United Kingdom), and she said I guess.

I said yes, I used to follow her blog and we communicated a few times (I remembered a few fictional times where we communicated, probably beyond comments on her blog), but I had not communicated with her or probably followed her blog in a while; and I asked my mom why did she want to know if I remembered Emily.

My mom said that Emily worked or was still working at a nursing home, and I probably said good for her or something like that; but I might have been slightly surprised since I probably remembered her mentioning another job(s) on her blog, either way, if she enjoyed that job then I was happy for her.

My mom continued to tell me about this and that, she was in a talking mood, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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