11-29-2012 | Dream Fragments | Culture Wars

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Last night I had a variety of dreams, unfortunately I did not try to remember any of them and so now I can not remember most of them, but maybe I will slowly remember some of them as I type this.

One of the dreams involved me walking during the day in an area that looked like the D Junior High School, I came across a group of men and women, and there were different areas with people from different cultures/countries like small villages/countries or something; and one area had a group of people who might have been mostly from India (this group seemed to follow Islam, not Hinduism, there was a group who followed Hinduism but they were separate from this group) & a few countries who mostly followed the religion of Islam.

The group of men & women who I came across first were from another culture/country than theirs, but I am not sure which cultures/countries the group of people were from who I was with but it was probably a Western based culture that was more secular, and we crossed the mostly Islamic based culture area to explore; but the women in our group got confronted by a group of men wearing traditional clothing from their culture with some of them wearing turbans & other types of headware who were angry with the women in our group for various reasons that they said broke their religious/cultural laws/rules.

We apologized for any possible offenses and we tried to keep the peace, but the group of men were very angry and threatening us; and they seemed to want to arrest the women to punish them or kill them or something, and so we continued to try to peacefully resolve the situation but more angry men joined their group & the situation got dangerous.

They started getting weapons (AK-47s, pistols, mêlée weapons) and they kept trying to surround us to prevent us from escaping to some of the other culture/country areas, it bothered me that I/we could not peacefully deal with the situation, because I/we tried very hard; and we even offered to try to make up for any possible offenses, but their penalties were way too harsh in our opinions and they would not compromise with us.