11-30-2012 | Dream Fragment | The TD Incident, Old Wounds Opened

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I had several dream fragments but I woke up not thinking about them and I was focused on trying to return my damaged/broken/defective computer graphics card so that a replacement graphics card can be sent to me, and so I forgo almost all of my dreams.

But I do barely remember part of one dream fragment that took place in a slightly fictional version of D during a cloudy/gray day at a slightly fictional version of the D/B Library that is sometimes in my dreams, it is slightly larger than the real life version, and it is arranged differently with a few new areas.

I went inside the library a few times and I met a few people, and some parts of the dream took place outside; but I can not really remember those parts.

At some point I was in a classroom that was located in a room near the bathroom area of the library, and I was there with some of my former classmates; and I think that we had a female teacher.

I remember that I was sitting in a desk in front of my former classmate TD, a girl who I liked back in 3rd grade but I knew that I did not stand a chance with her so I gave up on that thought/idea, and her boyfriend from when we were in high school, our former classmate ZB, was in the classroom as well; and in this dream they were still dating or married, I am not sure which.