12-1-2012 | Dream Fragments | Barely Remembered Dream Fragments After Pain

English: Almost sunken boat.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had several dreams last night but I woke up and had to leave to a Christmas parade and near the end of the parade I was eating a cookie and some of it touched the inside of one of my dying teeth (which was supposed to be pulled on November 26th, but I decided to wait & talk with my dentist again to see if I can just get fillings for those two dying teeth instead so I have to wait until later this month to see the dentist about the two dying teeth again), causing me much pain & I did not have any mouthwash or pain medicine with me, and so I was in a lot of pain until I could get home; and walking, talking, sitting, anything was hard being in so much pain so I forgot most of my dreams (being in pain for that long is not fun, is a bit draining, and the pain becomes your main focus).

I now will only be able to type parts of random dream fragments as they come to my mind.

One dream involved my family and I getting on a boat owned by someone rich who let us use one of his boats while he used another boat I think and we were on a body of water, and only people who were rich had boats; and most of the other people looked down on us since we were probably the only people who were poor/lower-class/low-income on a boat.

I am not sure if everyone was boating for fun or for a competition, I can not remember, I just remember my family & I trying to figure out how to drive/handle the boat properly; and the man who was rich who let us use one of his boats, would sometimes yell tips/advice to help us.

The water and the area had a that dream-like look that dreams with water & boats usually have in my dreams, grayish/darkish/isolated cloudy sky like the world is smaller or endless with deep blueish colored water that is endless/heavy/dreamy, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.