A Creature In A Swimming Pool

File:TAS Swimming Pool.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night but I slept good again, and I forgot all of my dreams except for the end of one dream.

The dream took place in a fictional unknown location that probably looked like a school in some areas, it probably was a school, and my dad & an unknown woman & an unknown man & I were in the dream during a few parts.

There was a gym area, there was an indoor swimming pool area, there was a playground area outside, and there were catwalks like at the D Junior High School that connected the various school buildings.

The dream took place during the day and probably during school, because I remember seeing some coaches, teachers, other workers, and some students in various areas during the dream; but I/we mostly avoided areas with students.

I do not know why we were there but I remember talking with several coaches, workers, et cetera during a few parts; and during one part an unknown man, an unknown woman, my dad, and I were talking near the indoor swimming pool when something in the water attacked us or something.

I remember that one or more of us got grabbed and pulled into the water by some unknown creäture that we could not see, but we managed to help each other out of the pool; and we tried to capture the unknown creäture but it either escaped or someone stole it.

We reported it but almost no one believed us, but maybe someone with the government believed us & stole the creäture to cover-up that it existed and/or to experiment on it.

We did not see the entire creäture and so I do not remember what it looked like, but we went back to the indoor pool, and we tried to see if another creäture or the same creäture was in the pool; and we managed to capture another creäture or the same one, and we got a slightly better look at it.

We also showed it to one of the coaches who did not believe us until he saw it, it was still alive and we had it slightly hanging above the water alive stuck/tangled in a trap we made, but I think that it escaped or disappeared or was stolen again at some point; and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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