Magic Murder

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of an unclear dream from last night, where an unknown man and I sneaked into an unknown building in an unknown location for some reason that I can not remember, during the day I think.

There were people and probably non-Humans in the building, and I think that were supposed to try to sneak past them to reach another area and/or to steal something, but maybe someone saw us.

We were going to try to escape but we decided to get rid of any witnesses I guess, I remember that we probably used magic (I am not sure what kind of magic, I just remember the word magic being used, and we used what we called magic) and/or hand-to-hand combat and/or mêlée combat to kill the person/non-Human who saw us, and one or more people saw us trying to get rid of the body and/or killing that person, and so we killed them; and eventually we started killing everyone in the building, I remember not wanting to but it was too late, and I remember running around using magic/a mêlée weapon/hand-to-hand combat to kill everyone.

The dream jumped into the future, after most of the police had given up on the case of the murders we committed, which was still open; and we went back into the building to make sure that we destroyed any evidence that the police might have missed so that no smart detectives would find that evidence.

I/we felt somewhat bad about the murders, I did not want that/them to happen, but it happened as a precaution to protect ourselves from being found/caught/stopped/whatever.

To our surprise one smart detective was in the building looking for any evidence that the other police officers might have missed, he felt that they had missed something and he was determined to solve the case, and so we tried to figure out how to avoid him seeing us and how to destroy/find any evidence and how to escape.

I forgot to mention that there was a sewer-like exit in the building that we had probably used to escape the building after the murders, and we probably sneaked to it again to avoid the smart detective; and the building looked a bit like an art gallery or museum.

The smart detective was an older man with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair & mustache.

We knew he was a problem, and we wondered what we could do to deal with him; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr