Forgotten Dreams Dream Recall Decreased

I woke up remembering part of a dream but it quickly faded away and I forgot it since my brain is in dreams do not matter/art not worth remembering mode, it is amazing how much and how easily your dream recall can decrease when you consciously and/or subconsciously give up on trying to remember your dreams/no longer consider dreams important or worth remembering/when you think not many people care about dreams and/or your dreams/et cetera, and during times like this my dream recall can go from great to terrible with one or more conscious and/or subconscious negative/anti-dream/whatever thoughts.

This time it was because I once again thought of ending my blog soon, and I tried two days or so with my blog set to private; and so I guess my mind/brain dropped my dream recall/stopped trying to remember my dreams, since it thought it was no longer needed/important, even though I had not made a final decision yet (it only takes one thought/feeling/et cetera, even if it is subconscious that my brain/mind thinks that I am choosing/commanding/whatever, and it will switch my auto-dream recall off or mostly off).

One of the main things that made me make my blog public again was that when set to private, I can not use Zemanta on my blog anymore, and so that meant no Recommended Links/Articles/Tags/Images; and I use Zemanta on every post, and so I did not like not being able to use it.

Unfortunately my dream recall dropped dramatically, and so I have to once again build it up again; which I am used to (this happens sometimes, sometimes accidentally, due to conscious/subconscious thoughts/feelings/et cetera), I do not try hard at all to improve my dream recall again, I just have to remind my mind/brain that dreams are important enough to remember again with a few conscious reminders; and I have to type what I remember, even if I can not remember much or anything at all, this step is very important & why I almost type a dream(s) every day this year.

My dream recall improves on its own if I do those things, and so it does not take much effort; typing the dreams is the most time-consuming/hard/annoying/et cetera part, but it really helps build & support my good dream recall.


-John Jr