In A Cinema (Movie Theater)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot most of what I dreamed about last night, but I do remember that I had one dream where I was in a fictional city.

I can not remember the city or where I traveled in the city or how I traveled, except for when I traveled to a cinema, and I went inside to watch or film and/or to see what was playing.

The cinema was dark inside and it looked like one of the usual generic cinemas that are often in my dreams, it was small, and I remember talking with a one or more people in the dark cinema before or during a film.

One of the people I talked to was an unknown man who I think had dark blondish colored hair with whitish colored skin, but I can not remember what we talked about.

I do not remember what film I/we watched, if any, I do know that I left at some point; but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr