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Last night I had several dreams with some indirect family members from my mom’s side of the family, I had several dreams with former classmates of mine, I had several dreams within dreams and several daydreams within dreams of some of my former classmates, and I think that I heard part of something that was happening in the real world when I was going in & out of sleep/unconsciousness or maybe that was a dream but I am not sure.

Dream 1

I do not know the correct order of these dreams, daydreams, et cetera and so I will start with the easy dreams first: one dream involved my brother GC, my brother CC, and I riding with our mom who was on her way to visit our cousin JE because it was his birthday but we did not know this at first.

The dream took place during the day and we drove to a fictional area near N Street that is sometimes in my dreams, my mom parked on the grass by the road across from where our cousin JE was living, and she went inside while my brothers and I stayed in the automobile.

At some point our mom was leaving to come to the automobile and our cousin JE came to greet us since we did not come inside earlier, and he told us about how he has been in & out of jobs & college; but he still had hope to one day finish college once he had a job again, this surprised me, and I was glad that he still had hope & that he was still trying instead of giving up & he still studied/kept trying to learn.

My mom/we then drove to drop off some stuff to our cousin ME who was/is the opposite of JE, no goals really and not trying really, and he was staying with someone who lived in a fictional area near the B store that looked like the small brick apartments on Eastside behind the B store; and my mom went inside while my brothers and I stayed outside again.

This area had some people who had somewhat given up in life/were poor/were low-income/were struggling in life and just mostly sat around drinking alcohol, looking at automobiles drive by, talking, watching TV, et cetera all day (somewhat like the real Eastside); and I remember an old man with dark brownish colored skin walking up to our automobile offering us alcohol, which we politely refused.

At some point I went to find my mom and I accidentally walked into the wrong apartment room, it was very small like a storage closet, and it had two men sleeping on a bed in a room that only had a small TV, microwave, and a separate bathroom; and one of the men looked somewhat like my former classmate SW, I left the room, they were still sleep & did not wake up.

My mom came out of an apartment room that was two doors down and we left, and we either went to my grandfather’s house or I might have had another dream that took place at my grandfather’s house but I can not remember.

Dream 2

I had a dream where I might have met my former classmate MT and then I later I had a dream within a dream of being in class and then I met my former classmate DH & some other classmates & unknown people in downtown D at a fictional café next to the D Museum, I saw DH by accident when I was walking on the sidewalk by the D Museum and he hesitantly invited me to join him & the others at the café, and I went inside the café with them.

I told DH and the others about a dream that I had, I did not realize that I was dreaming and so I was talking about a dream within a dream, and then I probably was in the dream within a dream as I told it to them.

Dream 3

The dream within a dream took place during the day at a fictional school and I was in school again with some of my former classmates, and MT was one of them; most of the dream took place outside, but I can not remember the details.

DH and the others did not seem very interested in my dream, I stopped talking about it at some point, and then I left at some point; and I probably had some daydreams in the dream about my dream within a dream.

I kept waking up and going back to sleep in the real world and so I probably had several dreams within dreams and daydreams within dreams, and dreams; but I can not remember them.

I heard something that probably was happening in the real world but maybe it was a dream, I am not sure since I was in & out of sleep/consciousness, where I heard Mr. RD outside saying: “No, no, no, no!”; and then shortly later I heard a man at our front door asking my dad for money I guess, I think that my dad reminded the man that he had not paid my dad back the money that he let him borrow last month but it seemed that my dad was going to let him borrow some more money anyway, but things got quiet & so I do not know what happened.

Hopefully my dad said no, but probably not, since it is hard for him to say no to people; and so he gets used a lot, and has lost a lot of money trying to help people over the years.

I am not sure if that was a dream or not, I will have to ask my dad later.

The end,

-John Jr

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