A Mind-Altering Substance | Superheroes Get Ambushed | A Surprise Gift

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I remember part of two dreams from last night, I can not remember the beginning of the first dream, but I do remember hearing/seeing something about a legal & probably natural special mind-altering substance that could effect/affect your dreams/mind in various ways; and a man was talking about it on TV or the internet or something, and he showed how to make some food & maybe drinks with the special substance added to them.

The man talked about some of the effects/affects and various other things related to the special substance, to my surprise I decided to make his cornbread recipe with the special substance & maybe a drink or something, and I forgot to mention that I was in an unknown building that had no windows it seemed & it had dark carpet & walls in the hallways; and I was in a kitchen area alone at this point.

After I finished making the special cornbread with the special substance, my mom walked into the room to my surprise and she asked what had I cooked, and so I just told her cornbread without telling her about the special substance in the cornbread or she would probably go crazy/ranting about the special substance being a drug or something; and then she ate a small piece/crumb but I still did not say anything to avoid the chaos of her reaction if she found out what was in the cornbread, I ate a small piece, and then I managed to get my mom to leave somehow to avoid her eating more of the cornbread.

I ate that very small piece of cornbread to be safe and see what effects/affects I would get (my mom only ate a crumb and so I did not expect her to be effected/affected), I did start to feel a bit different, and then I went for a walk; and I left the building to walk outside on a sidewalk in this/a fictional city during the day.

It was a nice clean city that was not too big and as I was walking on the sidewalk over a small bridge, I saw an old man with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair walking in front of me, and somehow I knew that he was Batman; and a woman gave/told him a message & she walked off, and I think that the woman was Batgirl or some superhero like that.

I told/asked the man that he was Batman, he replied yes, and he ran & jumped quickly into his Batman suit somehow; and the woman had already changed into her Batgirl suit or whatever somewhere else when she saw this.

They were on their way to a secret meeting between super heroes at a building not far away, and so I went with them; and the inside of the building was museum-like, and slowly super heroes started to arrive, but the meeting was ambushed right before it began by a large group of super villains & their mercenaries who surrounded the building.

The super heroes were quickly taken prisoner and I hid under a chair or something, so I was the only person not captured, as the villains & mercenaries searched for me; I was afraid, and they somehow found me hiding under the chair or whatever it was.

I am not sure if it was the mind-altering substance that I cooked into the cornbread or not, but somehow I started to be able to slowly fly/float in the air like a balloon; and I remember something about Justin Bieber but I have not idea what it/that was about.

I managed to float/fly away & escape as I looked over the city and I headed toward the rooftops of the upper-class part of the city, this was fun & realistic, it was amazing feeling the wind/temperature & seeing the city from the sky.

I landed on the rooftops of a few nice buildings & homes, some of which had swimming pools & fancy rooftops/patios/balconies, to explore; and then I saw an area that I called London or Little London, that looked like a small version of the city of London, and I flew/floated there near a Big Ben-like building/clock.

I briefly explored London or Little London and then I decided to float/fly to a fictional neighborhood where I somehow knew my family lived there, and I flew to the rooftop of one of our neighbors who had the biggest house in the neighborhood; and the wife, daughter, and son were on the roof sitting at a table eating/drinking & it was a bit cold outside.

They looked at me with surprise when I floated/flew on their roof, I said hello & apologized, and then I walked down some stairs to the ground; and I walked toward my family’s fictional house, and my brother GC was outside.

I talked with him about what had happened, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The next thing that I remember is being in an apartment/dorm-like room with my brother GC during the night, we both were roommates & this was our first night at our new apartment/dorm, GC’s bed was on the left side of the room & my bed was on the right side of the room; and the room had whitish/grayish colored carpet/walls/ceiling.

I knew that our room was just one of many in the building and the bathroom for our hallway was shared by everyone on the hallway, I was uncomfortable & I could not sleep, and so I laid in bed talking across the room to GC about my previous memories/experiences when I was in college & with anxiety & other things.

I knew that I needed to adjust to a new living place and that it was normal for me to be uncomfortable until I could adjust to this new place & learn how safe it is & see who lived near us, and even GC was uncomfortable & could not sleep; and I wondered how secure was our room, and I remember making sure that I had my room key, I did, and GC checked his key & he had his too.

After talking for a while & checking our door & glancing down the quiet hallway, I decided to go to the shared bathroom to use the bathroom, but it was crowded to my surprise with a lot of people; and some of them were my former classmates like LT & various people from Eastside, and there were some ex-prisoner-like men in there as well.

Some people were taking showers in open showers, some were at the sinks, some were using the toilets, et cetera and a large man who looked a bit like Idris Elba on steroids started taunting me like I was a new prisoner entering a prison & he made rape-like threats/taunts toward me.

This made me even more uncomfortable and I tried to ignore him to avoid conflict, but he kept bothering me while I was trying to urinate; and he got annoyed that I was ignoring him, and so a fight was likely to happen soon.

He was probably going to approach me very soon to fight me but a fight broke out between LT & maybe my former classmate DT, that distracted everyone, and LT was losing the fight; but they both stopped fighting suddenly, and then I sneaked out of the bathroom.

I was even more uncomfortable now & I was watching my back as I walked down the hallway thinking about what had just happened, and my mobile phone rang & I answered it & it was my girlfriend I guess who looked like Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) from the TV show American Horror Story: Asylum except she was not a nun of course.

I was still distracted by my thoughts of what had happened in the bathroom as she told me on the phone that she had a present/gift for me, so I was not thinking clearly, and she was being a bit cryptic/secretive about the gift so that I would have to guess/be surprised.

She gave me some hints somewhat, I guessed that the gift was in my room, but I did not see it; and then I started to realized that she was probably the gift and that somehow she was probably hiding in my room.

I wondered how would she have gotten in the room without GC noticing but he might have been sleep, the room was too dark for me to tell if he was sleep or not; but I did not hear him say anything when I walked into the room.

I looked around trying to find her while talking on the mobile phone and then I saw something move behind the curtains of the only window in the room, and I found her behind the curtains wearing a sleeping robe; and she said surprise & presented her gift, which was her of course.

She seemed to be a bit like Sister Mary Eunice at first, innocent is the word that might fit there, but there seemed to be another side of her that might have been like the demon possessed Sister Mary Eunice; either way she was attractive & a bit seductive, and we kissed & hugged.

She opened her robe and she was wearing a night-gown/slip/whatever it is called, I put my hand around her waist and kissed her on the neck, it seemed that we were about to sleep together and/or have xes for the first time; but as we were standing there making out, I realized that my brother GC was still in the room but I was not sure if he was sleep or not, and so I closed her robe back up & looked back in GC’s direction trying to see if he was awake or not.

Even if he was sleep it did not seem right for him to be in the room at all during this, I tried to alert her to his presence indirectly but she was too busy trying to kiss me & make out, as I tried to slow things down as we moved toward the bed; and I kept looking back toward GC trying to get her attention.

I really really really wanted to enjoy this moment but having GC in the room was too much of a distraction for me, so I was trying to figure out what to do, it was a tough choice; and she opened her robe again, and so I was in & out of making out & looking back toward GC still trying to get her to realize that he was in the room.

I was starting to consider ignoring that GC was in the room as we got closer to the bed, because I was in & out of the dream due to the situation & the confusion about what to do but the dream was able to continue somehow but it was very unstable, and I really really really wanted to enjoy the moment but the dream was too unstable to continue & the dream ended as we reached the bed.

The end,

-John Jr