A Semi-Lucid-Like Dream With Powers

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot all of my dreams except for part of one dream, I know that I had more dreams but I can not remember part of my last dream, which was an interesting dream that seemed semi-lucid but I do not think that I realized that I was dreaming; but somehow it seemed that my thoughts/daydreams in the dream were effecting/affecting my abilities/powers in the dream.

I remember walking in an unknown parking lot toward a multi-floor(ed)/story(ied) building during the day, and I was thinking/daydreaming to myself; and jokingly making up a film trailer or film in my mind staring me as I was narrating, and I imagined myself with special powers/abilities and not being completely Human or Human anymore a bit like a vampire or something but probably something else unknown/unnamed.

I walked into the building on the first floor where there was a modern looking open floor/room with a restaurant / café area, a bar area, and a lounge/study/sitting area; and there were various people there doing various things like eating, drinking, talking, reading, et cetera.

I walked through the room narrating in my mind and acting like I was in a film, I was mostly narrating & doing internal dialogue about the people in the room & what I thought that they were thinking/feeling & I narrated information about my character.

I was mostly making stuff up as I narrated/acted, but it felt like I knew some of this stuff already like my mind was creating & thinking & knowing at the same time; and this seemed to be effecting/affecting the dream world because it seemed that I actually started to feel like I had special powers/abilities.

I walked across the entire room to the sitting area where a few  people were reading, and I sat by a woman & a few other people; and I began to try to talk to her and/or some of the people, but the woman or someone instantly was rejecting communicating with me somehow knowing what/who I was.

She or the person somehow knew that my character was not Human or completely Human, and she or the person named various negative things about my characters kind and/or about my character; most of which or all of which was not true in regards to me, but some of what she said of others might have been true; but I can not remember.

The woman or person then refused to talk with me and ignored me and/or left, and then a man I knew from somewhere (probably a former schoolmate/co-worker like JF or a fake version of him) sat not far from me; and he recognized me, and something happened that I can not remember that caused him to get angry at me at some point after a positive start & he tried attacking me.

I was faster than normal, I could jump further than normal, I could dodge better than normal, and so I ran around using my special powers/abilities to easily avoid him; which made him even more angry, and he started to have powers too it seemed.

I guess he was a vampire or something else or partly Human, I do not think that he was what I was, and I ran around having fun avoiding him & testing my powers.

People watched the action as I ran in & out of the building jumping, dodging, and hiding; and I was having a lot of fun, I was laughing & taunting the man a bit, and his anger seemed to make him more powerful.

He started trying to kill me it seemed and so the people watching got scared and called the police & security, and I had to stop playing around so much; and at some point I tricked the man into thinking that I ran to the next floor up the stairs, so he ran up there, but I was really still on the first floor.

The police and security arrived as witnesses told them what happened and they questioned me, everyone was on my side, and I even over-acted pretending to be more worried about my safety than I really was.

The police and security believed me/us and they went after the man, who was out of control, and I wondered what were the limits of my powers & so I was going to test my powers some more while the security & police dealt with the man; and if they needed my help, then I would help them, or I would help them once I tested my powers a bit more in case the man really was more powerful than I thought, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr