A Dance And An Orphan And A Storm

Dream 1

I had several interesting dreams last night but I forgot most of them except for one or two dreams, I can not remember if it was one or two dreams, but I remember being in a dimly lit gym-like building at some point; and there were other people there.

I probably explored part of the building while meeting people as I explored the building, and at some point there was a dance at the building with music / food / bunk-bed-like furniture/drinks/et cetera.

I remember being on one of the bunk-bed-like furniture things with several other people, I started to use the bunk-bed-like thing to goof around doing some fake gymnastics/dance showing off my strength/balance/flexibility & to cover up my lack of dancing skills; and some people started to watch & be entertained, normally I would be too shy to ever dance or do anything like this, but I was having fun & I was not that nervous to my surprise.

I stopped at some point when I might have been interrupted by my family arriving and they might have had a female orphan with them who either they were going to adopt as my sister or they were temporarily taking care of her, either way I was going to treat her like a sister as long as she was living with my family, and so I stopped to greet them near a desk/bar-like area.

The orphan had very light brownish/whitish colored skin with interesting natural slightly shiny & dry & maybe slightly wavy & slightly wild-looking brownish/blackish colored hair that made a cool wild almost-afro-type hairstyle but I do not know what the hairstyle is called but I have seen it before, she probably was high school age(d), and she seemed to probably have a slight mental/physical/whatever handicap/disability that was only slightly noticeable.

I think that my family warned me about a terrible storm that was coming, it was already starting outside, and so we were going to try to get home before we got trapped at the gym-like building; and so we left.

Dream 2

Either a new dream started or the dream continued, and we barely made it home; and the weather was getting very bad once we got inside, it was worse than the hurricane a few years ago, and it was one of the scariest winds & one of the scariest realistic weathers that I have ever experienced in real life or a dream.

The orphan, who was a sister to me now in my mind, went into shock as the wind got so bad & loud that we feared that most of our house might get destroyed; and I told everyone to get to the hallway where there were no windows, but the orphan was having a breakdown/was in shock, and so I had to carry her to the hallway.

The wind was loud and through the window I saw trees bending like during the hurricane, I went around trying to make sure all the windows were closed as things outside were being thrown through the air by the wind, and I was afraid; and it felt real.

Even though I was afraid I focused on how to best help my family survive, after checking all the windows & making sure that everyone was in the hallway, I got two bed mattresses to block the two sides of the hallway for protection against debris flying if things got that bad, and I started trying to help the orphan calm down; but it was clear in my mind that this experience might scar her for life, and that she would need counseling later to help her get over the shock of what was to happen.

I am not sure if this is a daydream in the dream or if this is what happened later, but I remember a jump in time that did not show what had happened exactly during the rest of the storm, but it showed the orphan in the future scared emotionally/mentally from the experience of the storm; and I was still alive I think, but I am not sure about everyone else in my family.

The orphan was receiving counseling because she still was afraid of loud winds/storms, she still had bad dreams about the storm, and it probably caused her to have an anxiety disorder & a panic disorder; and I think that I came to visit her after one of her counseling sessions.

I am not sure if my family had adopted her or if she was still temporarily living with us, either way I still treated her like a sister regardless, and I was going to make sure that she got the help that she needed to help deal with her problems caused by the storm & the problems she had before the storm; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr