A FBI / IRS / ? Investigation With Will Ferrell

I remember part of a detailed and realistic dream where I was working with a man who looked & acted like the comedian/actor Will Ferrell and another man who was his partner/a fellow agent, they/we seemed to be FBI / IRS / or some type of agents on an investigation of some kind, but I did not know the details; but Mr. Ferrell and his partner knew the details of the investigation, and who we were investigating.

The dream took place during the day in a nice fictional city, time seemed to pass normally in this dream without jumps in time probably & the dream & conversations were more detailed than usual, and so this was a realistic dream; but I can not remember some of the dream, so it is a bit unclear.

I remember riding with Mr. Ferrell and his partner in their automobile, Mr. Ferrell was less comedic than normal but still the comedic & the relaxed/laid-back type and his partner was relaxed/laid-back but not very comedic, and I was the most serious of the three of us; and I kept asking questions trying to figure out what we were doing/investigating exactly, but they kept telling me to relax & Mr. Ferrell would joke around only revealing a few bits of information.

In this dream driving was more realistic, we did not magically reach our destinations in seconds or one minute, we really drove all the way to where we were going; and we drove to a multi-story building that might have been an apartment/office building.

I think that the three of us were dressed like FBI or IRS agents (but maybe I was dressed normally) and Mr. Ferrell & his partner probably had tan-colored trench coats, and we all probably had a pistol hidden on us; I guess maybe I was the technical/tech person who would set up surveillance equipment, I remember carrying some technical equipment in special cases, and I brought it with us into the building.

I did not know what we were doing exactly but it seemed that we were entering the apartment part of the building to either search someone’s apartment quietly and/or to set up surveillance equipment to spy on them, and Mr. Ferrell & his partner opened an apartment room that I thought belonged to the person we were probably investigating; I remember asking them if we had permission to do this, since I was worried, but they did not respond.

We entered the room but it seemed to be a mostly empty room probably near the person we were investigating, Mr. Ferrell & his partner started drilling holes in a few places & looking around & doing other things to prepare for surveillance & investigating, and I started to unpack the technical equipment still wondering what we were doing exactly.

Mr. Ferrell and his partner talked a bit about the investigation and strategies to use to continue the investigation & start surveillance, this part was detailed & realistic, but I forgot most of it; and this is where I was able to learn a bit more & to offer my advice but it was still like I was on the outside like I did not have a high enough clearance or something like that & so I did not learn very much.

In fact I might have even asked Mr. Ferrell & his partner if they/we worked for the FBI or IRS or some other agency, but they probably did not answer that question.

The person who we were investigating was not in the building at the time, maybe Mr. Ferrell & his partner went to search their apartment but I am not sure, I just know that we handled the situation in a detailed & realistic way; and at some point Mr. Ferrell & his partner wanted to drive somewhere before we were finished with the equipment, and so I went with them.

We drove not far away from the apartment building to an area near water, so this city was near a large body of water & probably had some beaches somewhere in the city, and we stopped at a tennis court-like area near the road; and I remember them joking around a lot, still trying to get me to relax, while I was still being serious trying to figure out who/what we were investigating & how I could help.

They might have met a contact in the area who offered us some extra information on the person or persons who we were investigating and they probably contacted headquarters about our progress, but I can not remember; and then we drove back to the building and we went back into the room with our equipment.

I wanted us to stay in the room quietly using surveillance on the person or persons who we were investigating, but they wanted to go investigating around the building; but I thought that was risky and dangerous, but they did not listen to me & they left to separately search the building for clues.

I stayed in the room but after a long time they did not come back, and I tried to contact them but I got no response; and so I was worried, and either I called for backup and/or one of them did before we lost contact with them.

I remember pulling out a/my pistol and slowly looking around the building for Mr. Ferrell & his partner, and then backup arrived; and I realized that the situation/investigation was much bigger/more serious than I expected.

There were FBI SWAT-like agents with body armor & assault rifles & submachine guns and a variety of agents & people from different agencies, and several high level people; and they had locked down the building searching for Mr. Ferrell & his partner, the person or persons who we were investigating, bombs/threats to the building/city/country/et cetera, and more.

A few high level people came near me with FBI SWAT-like agents and a woman who looked like a high level FBI agent or political secretary asked me some questions, and we walked toward her office as one of the high level people probably talked with the The President Of The United States; and I remember the woman saying that the man on the phone was a high level person who worked for the President, and so his safety was very important.

I told them everything I knew and I was going to help them search/secure the building, if they would let me, and we reached her office but she told us to wait; and the front of her office had not wall or door, but she had an invisible/hidden security system that would burn/incinerate anyone who entered her office if they had not been programmed into the system to be allowed in the office.

I was surprised and confused by a technology like this that I had never seen or heard of before, I stood near the entrance & if you held your hand somewhat close to the opening, you could see a light orange color over the hand/some of your arm in a pattern that made it clear that the system had locked on to you & would burn you if you tried to cross the invisible / hidden barrier; and I was amazed by this technology, and a bit afraid.

What was even more amazing was how the woman programmed the system to allow us to enter her office, she touched each of us in a certain special pattern & then hugged us, and that/this was like a password for the security system & a command that told the system that she was giving us permission to enter the office; and once put into the systems safe list, you could freely enter & exit her office when you wanted unless she reprogrammed you out of the system or limited your access.

She probably told me a story of one or more people who were killed trying to enter her office without being programmed in the system first, I remember imagining or seeing flashbacks of this, and the system was powerful.

She quickly programmed each of us into the system and we/I sat in her office, we had a conversation, and she was trying to pass on information to various agencies/the government; and organize the situation in the building.

They were worried about a major threat to the building and/or city and/or country and to some high level people, they wanted to find the person or persons who we were investigating & the missing agents & any bombs/threats, and so many agencies were working to handle this situation; and the President was even being informed about the situation.

The situation was tense, especially since a few high level people were trapped in the building since it was on lock-down, so their lives were probably in danger; and the person or people behind it were still free, and so they could carry out attacks unless we could find/stop them.

I remember telling the woman that I wanted to help search/secure the building and find Mr. Ferrell & his partner, and I think that she gave me permission to help; and so I probably walked off with some of the FBI SWAT-like agents with my pistol to help search/secure the building.

Some of the other agents continued protecting the high level people and protecting the woman & her office, and the office parts of the building which probably were some government/agency offices; but I woke up as I was talking with some of the FBI SWAT-like agents as we searched the building.

The end,

-John Jr

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