Going Through Customs With The CIA To Get To College / School / Training?

I had a variety of dreams last night but I forgot most of them after waking up twice and sleeping a bit too long, but I do remember part of one unclear dream.

I remembering riding on one or more boats in a fictional body of water during the day with CIA agent Saul Berenson from the TV show Homeland, a woman with whitish colored skin with blond colored hair wearing a gray colored suit with a white colored dress shirt who was probably also a CIA agent, and a woman with dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair who probably was not a CIA agent.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream or where we were or where we were going or why we were going or what we talked about during the trip, but it was a nice short journey with the wind & outside environment on one or more small open boats that had a driver(s) who might have used manual rowing instead of motors but I am not sure.

We were headed toward an island or port country/whatever, we docked, and we went to a modern looking building that was a customs building I guess; and they had to check our records, luggage, how much money we had, we had to pay a fee, et cetera.

I think that Saul and the other CIA agent probably were not bothered much once they showed their records to customs, and after customs verified those records; but maybe their luggage was briefly checked and maybe they had to pay a small fee, but it did not take long for them.

I can not remember if I was with Saul and the other CIA agent or not, probably, but I was probably not a CIA agent but being escorted by them for some reason; not under arrest, but being moved somewhere for training and/or protection and/or they needed me for something.

I think that Saul and the female CIA agent waited for me as customs checked my records, luggage, et cetera; but while this was happening I heard that the other woman who was on the boat with us was having problems at her customs check.

A female customs agent told her that her account was showing that no money was in it or not enough, the woman was surprised since money was supposed to have been put in there by her job and/or bank and/or someone before she left, and so the customs agent could not let her into the country/whatever; and so the woman would have to probably waste time and money to return back home to handle the money problem, if she could not fix the situation over the phone.

I heard the woman making phone calls, but it seemed that she was not going to be able to reach anyone able to fix the problem; and so I offered to pay so that she could enter the country/whatever, but the female customs agent with me said that was not allowed.

The female customs agent said that the money in my account was a special account made by my parent’s and that it was for covering my educational costs only, which surprised me & it sounded like my parent’s in this dream had money and were not poor/low-income/lower-class like in real life, and so it could only be used for those purposes; and so I asked if there was any way around that, but she said no.

I told the woman that I was sorry that I could not help her, she thanked me and she prepared to leave to return home, while Saul & the female CIA agent & I probably prepared to continue our trip into the country/whatever or another country/whatever; but I can not remember if we traveled by water, land, or air.

I can not remember what happened except at some point I was walking outside during the day at a college campus-like place, maybe wearing nursing scrubs/a nursing outfit like I was going to college/getting training in the nursing field maybe but I am not sure & I could be wrong about this (but I have been briefly reading/thinking about the nursing field in real life), but I think that I was now enrolled in a college/school/training of some kind.

I remember walking and thinking about college/school/the training, and I might have stopped to greet a woman who was also a student/trainee; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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