1-13-2013 | Dream Fragment | Running From Zombies, Touching Butts, And Helping Solve A Robbery Case At My Former Job?

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I over-slept and forgot most of my dreams from last night, but I do remember part of the end of one dream; but it is unclear.

I do not remember the beginning or the middle of the dream, I just remember being on the outside of a two-story motel-style apartment building during the day, and I was walking on the second floor balcony/walkway/whatever toward one of the rooms for a reason that I can not remember; and I probably knocked on the door but it was partly open, and so I walked inside slowly saying hello/is anyone here/saying who I was & why I was entering the apartment/et cetera.

The entrance had a small area for hanging up your jackets/coats and holding your shoes with another door separating it from the apartment, that door was partly opened too probably and I opened it as well, and the apartment looked like a mansion with nice whitish colored carpet/walls/ceilings/et cetera to my surprise; but the outside of the apartment building looked like an average brick motel-style apartment building from the 1960s or something.

When entering the apartment you only could see a wall in front of you with paintings/decorations/furniture with a hallway leading to an open room on the left, so the rest of the apartment was hidden behind this wall & hallway, but I did not get to see the rest of the apartment unfortunately.

As I was turning left to walk down the hallway I heard strange noises/breathing, so I stopped feeling that danger was around the corner, and I saw someone moving; and to me it sounded like a zombie.

I started trying to sneak back out of the apartment but it heard me and a male zombie came around the corner of the hallway & he saw me trying to sneak away, he made a loud noise and many more zombies joined him to chase after me, and so I ran outside on the balcony/walkway after closing both doors; but they broke through or opened them to my surprise, and so I panicked as they made their terrible noises running wildly to try to kill me.

I decided to hang from the balcony hoping that they would not see me and/or not be able to reach me, some of them jumped to the ground but they could not reach me, some of them stood on the balcony trying to grab me but they could not reach me, but some of them tried to duck to reach me & climb the balcony as well; and they could reach me, and so I jumped to the ground to run for my life.

The zombies were smarter and faster and more dangerous than I expected, so I was not going to be able to out-run them and they could climb too, and a female zombie with a red dress was chasing me across the parking lot to a field that had a tall metal fence; but the female zombie did not look as zombieish as the others and she actually was pretty attractive with nice thighs/legs/butt except for some of the zombieness in her face.

I ran from her and I started trying to climb the fence but she was going to catch me and so I decided to just give up, I jumped down off the fence and sat on my butt with my back against the fence, deciding that I rather be killed by one somewhat attractive zombie than an entire group of zombies (who were running to catch up with us).

Oddly the female zombie jumped into my lap facing me so my hands happen to be on her butt by accident as she was preparing to bite me on my right shoulder, surprisingly her butt felt real or how I imagine that it would feel, so there I was with my hands accidentally on her butt as she was about to bite me while touching her butt which actually felt nice oddly; and I did not want to die or be eaten alive, even though I had mostly accepted that I was going to die, and somehow I accidentally changed/controlled the dream with my thoughts/fears/emotions when she was about to bite me.

The dream froze and re-winded a bit and some of the zombies disappeared and the rest of the zombies were turned to normal people again, and near me was an attractive woman with a pinkish or reddish colored business suit with a formal dress/skirt/whatever I think with maybe blondish colored hair with whitish colored skin who had a body like the female zombie except her body/butt were/was slightly thinner/slightly less thick or curvy than the female zombie.

I am not sure if she was the normal human version of the female zombie or a woman who was also running from the zombies earlier, either way we said a few words to each other and somehow we were embracing/hugging each other while standing up in the field, and for some reason I was touching her butt while we embraced/hugged while standing up; and once again her butt felt & moved & looked realistic(ally) and nice(ly); but I can not remember the rest other than us talking & me touching her butt a lot, I just remember a time jump in the dream where I was probably riding in an automobile with my mom at night or early in the morning near my former job at the SB.

We stopped at the building where I worked for some reason and I got out for some reason, but a police car pulled up next to us; and the police officer asked what I was doing there, and I told him why I was there & that I used to work here.

He said that they were coming to check a possible robbery in the building and so we went inside the building as more police arrived, some of the workers arrived, and I walked around the building with them trying to see what was stolen or messed with.

I had the feeling that this was no normal robbery, that important information/data/supplies were stolen and that the SB computer systems/network(s) was/were probably compromised as well, and so I asked some of the workers if they noticed anything missing or moved; and the internet was not working at first when they tested their internet connections.

I remember seeing and talking with my former co-workers CG, Mr. G, JF, and the boss Mr. D as I tried to help them and the police solve the robbery case of what happened and why; and maybe the FBI or some agency was called for help, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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