Getting In An Accident While Traveling With My Cousin DE

I forgot all of my dreams except for part of one dream where I was traveling during a cloudy day with my cousin DE down a fictional highway with probably forests on the both sides of the highway on our way to a fictional city.

I was riding a skateboard-like vehicle/thing I think and my cousin DE was riding a bicycle or something like that, and we were having fun as we raced/traveled on our way to the fictional city on a trip; but we planned to return home the same day.

At some point we came across other people on the highway, a traveling group of some kind, on a curvy part of the road; and somehow there was an accident and I crashed my skateboard-like vehicle/thing.

Some of the other people on the highway started and/or caused and/or were in the accident as well, no one was seriously injured fortunately, but my skateboard-like vehicle/thing was broken and one or more of the automobiles that belonged to a group of travelers; and so we all were stuck out in the middle of no-where on the highway waiting for the police and/or transportation/help.

This ruined my cousin DE’s and my plans on going to the city and returning the same day, now we were stuck on the highway for most of the day, and we would have to get to the city during the night or evening; and we would have to spend the night at a hotel/motel, spend time in the city the next day, and then maybe leave or stay another night depending on if I could get my skateboard-like vehicle fixed or get transportation.

This was annoying and a bit frustrating, but I tried to see it more positively since this would give us more time to spend in the city; but it would cost us more money.

At some point I realized that I was naked for some unknown reason after the accident, so there I was around the group of people waiting for the police/help while naked, with only my broken skateboard-like vehicle to cover my groin area; and I could not find my underwear, socks, pants, shoes, or shirt at first & my cousin DE helped me look for them.

We either found my shirt or someone let me have one of their shirts, later we either found my pants or someone let me have one of their pants, but I do not think that I/we ever found or got my/some underwear or socks; but I might have found my shoes or someone gave me one of their pairs of shoes.

I can not remember if the police/help ever arrived and/or if we ever made it to the city to a motel/hotel or not, I think we did, and the rest of the dream probably took place at a hotel; and the others people in the accident went to the same hotel probably, but I can not remember if this is correct or not.

The end,

-John Jr

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