Watching A House For An Old Woman

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of an unclear dream that took place during the day in D, and it started on Eastside at an old woman’s house that was near my parent’s house & my grandfather’s house and/or during some parts of the dream it was combined with their houses and/or located where their houses should be.

We were in a kitchen and the old woman had a female helper who looked a bit like my former female classmate MT, who looks a bit like Snow White / Megan Fox, and the old woman wanted me to maybe watch her house for her since she was going to be away for the day or something like that; and so I was supposed to check her house a few times throughout the day.

I think that I saw the helper steal some items from the old woman, probably some food in the kitchen, and from her body language/facial expressions/et cetera I was able to see that she probably often stole things from the old woman; and that she was good at lying and pretending/faking like MT was in real life (even when we were in the 1st grade), the type that knows how to look good and pretend to be good, but I saw right through her pretending.

I wanted to tell the old woman but I knew that the helper was too good at lying like MT, and I had no evidence; and so I did not waste time warning the old woman and the helper was watching me like she knew that I wanted to tell the old woman, and so she was ready to lie instantly if I told the old woman.

Like MT, the helper was the type who could probably fake cry & act innocent while lying, and so I knew that I would have to get evidence before even thinking about telling the old woman.

I told the old woman that I would watch her house for her while she was gone, she let me have a few food items in her kitchen, and she left some food items in her kitchen when she left the house with her helper; and I wanted to put those food items up to help keep them safe, but I decided to not mess with them since the old woman probably wanted them where she put them.

I then went to my parent’s house and/or the woman’s house/yard was now where my parent’s house should be but I can not remember most of what happened except that slowly various good characters from various books/TV shows/movies/et cetera started to show up at the house/yard; and one of the first was the retired entertainment wrestler Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), and I remember talking with him outside as other good characters slowly showed up in the yard/house.

At some point various bad characters started to slowly show up, and at some point one of the bad characters led the other bad characters in an attack to take out the good characters and take over the yard/house, and they succeeded; and my dad, brothers, and I had to flee/run away (but I do not remember if my mom was in the dream or not).

We ran for our lives when it was clear that the bad characters won or were winning, to our neighbor Mr. RD’s house, and we only stayed briefly because we were afraid that staying there would put Mr. RD in danger; and I remember looking through his windows and out his door across the street at my parent’s house where the take-over happened, trying to see what was going on, and at some point I told my family to keep running while I either sneaked closer to the house for a better look and/or I wanted to go save someone and/or I wanted to fight to get our house/yard back and/or I sneaked to the old woman’s house to make sure that it was safe.

I can not remember what happened really but at some point I knew that my family was safely somewhere else, and I went inside the old woman’s house; and it was safe except that maybe a few of her food items had been taken/stolen possibly, but I was not sure even in the dream but I was going to tell the old woman about it when ever I saw her again.

I also remember possibly given some of the food items to my family, possibly some of the food items that the old woman gave me, and I was going to tell the old woman about this as well when I saw her again.

Slowly members of my mom’s family started to come to the house which was now like my grandfather’s house/yard sometimes, and at some point they were inside talking/arguing loudly; and I went inside and the noise was unbearable.

My uncle CE walked up to me complaining about my mom and he even pointed his finger in my face angrily & his finger hit me in my mouth, I was very annoyed/slightly angered by this but I tried to stay calm & I was disoriented by all the noise & I could not hear him well with all the loud talking/arguing, and I remember walking around dazed & confused by the noise as my uncle CE followed me around complaining.

I kept telling him that I could barely hear him over the noise and I either yelled for everyone to be quiet and/or I woke myself up accidentally or on purpose and/or there was a time jump in the dream and/or I forgot what happened, either way, the next thing that I remember is driving in a fictional area; and I stopped in a nice quiet area that had a food stand outside.

I noticed the old woman and her helper at the food stand, and I went to talk with the old woman to tell her about her house/the possibly stolen food items/the food items that I possibly gave to my family/and I was thinking about telling the woman about how her helper probably steals from her regularly.

The helper listened closely sensing that I was going to probably tell the old woman about her stealing, so I decided that was not a good idea, but to my surprise the old woman asked the helper to order them some food at the food stand; and so this gave the old woman and I a chance to talk privately as we walked away from the food stand.

I told the old woman everything except the information about her helper at first but this bothered me so much, and so I finally told her about her helper; and I told her that it was not a good idea to tell the helper yet, that she should set up a camera and/or hide & leave some items in her house & see if the helper steals some of them.

I told her that she needed evidence before confronting the helper about it, the old woman thanked me, and the helper brought the old woman her food asking us what we had talked about; and we answered her question, but without mentioning the talk about her stealing stuff.

I do not remember what happened with the bad character takeover situation at my parent’s house and I am not sure if they killed and/or held the good characters hostage or not, I am not sure what happened with my loud indirect family members at my grandfather’s house, I am not sure where my family were but I know that they were safe, and I can not remember if I returned to the old woman’s house to wait for her return or not.

The end,

-John Jr

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