1-21-2013 | Dream Fragment | Failing To Protect A Man From A Cartel And Hitmen

Machete (film)
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember part of one dream from last night that started during the day at a fictional grocery store, and inside the store I remember a man telling me that a cartel was trying to kill him; and that the cartel sent a hitman and/or several hitmen after him, and so I decided to help the man.

I think that I had a pistol and a knife hidden on me, I cleared the store to make sure that it was safe inside (other people were shopping, but none of them seemed to be hitmen to me), and then I went to take my/my mom’s groceries outside to her so that I could go back in the grocery store to help the man get to his automobile safely.

When I walked outside I saw a suspicious van-like automobile with several dangerous-looking men parked in front of the grocery store near other automobiles, and one of the men seemed to be the main hitman to me (he was large & dangerous looking with light-medium brownish colored skin with long black colored hair in a pony-tail wearing a muscle/a-shirt looking a bit like Machete from the film Machete); and the other men with him probably were his helpers and/or cartel members.

I made sure that I had my weapons on me and ready to defend myself/other people if necessary, I looked at the men briefly as I walked by trying to determine the threat level without them noticing me to avoid a confrontation, and I hoped that the man inside the grocery store did not walk outside before I got back giving my mom the groceries; the situation looked bad, the hitmen/hitman looked ready & they had us out-numbered, and they were in front of the store but I hoped that they would just follow him/us & attack us somewhere else instead of attacking him/us in front of the store during the day in public with people around.

I gave my mom the groceries and I told her what I was about to do, but as she was about to drive off I heard people screaming; and I told my mom to leave while I went to see what happened, even though I already predicted that the man in the store probably made the mistake of walking outside not knowing that the hitman/hitmen were waiting for him and/or that they would attack him in public.

I ran to the front of the store where I heard the screaming, I saw some people running, I saw some people calling the police/ambulance/911 for help, I saw some people on the ground bleeding/dead, and I saw some people trying to help them; but the hitmen/hitman were gone.

The man in the store was now dead on the sidewalk in front of the store in a pool of blood with holes/wounds in his body, and I saw a woman near him dead in a pool of blood with the bottom part of her leg cut or blown off with a store worker near her body like he was trying to help the dead woman or something; and I stood there feeling like I had failed the man and the other people who were killed, I felt partly responsible, and I decided that I would try to find the cartel/hitman/hitmen who killed them.

There was a time jump and I was with a woman and man who knew something about the cartel/hitmen who killed the people earlier in the dream, they probably were on a hit-list to be killed as well, and they were taking me to a man who knew even more about the cartel/hitmen; and I think that the man was a bounty hunter or something, who was after the cartel/hitmen.

Parts of this dream took place in an area like the big beach in LC during the day, I met the woman and man there, and then we traveled to D to a fictional multi-story apartment building where my parent’s house should be to meet the bounty hunter/whoever.

We met the bounty hunter/whoever and he looked like an over-weight/slightly obese Elvis impersonator to my surprise, but as we were talking with him in his dimly lit apartment we were attacked by a hitman sent by the cartel; and this hitman looked more like a monster than a person, like an ugly mutated version of a Brute from the video game Saints Row The Third, and maybe it had a mini-gun/chain-gun.

The bounty hunter/whoever knew this hitman as a very dangerous hitman who worked for the cartel, and so he told us to run; and we all ran for our lives toward my grandfather’s yard, and we jumped the neighbors fence.

We jumped the fence again to reach the road, we ran into my uncle CE‘s yard, we jumped his back fence, we ran through the woods to another street, and we continued running; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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