Moving Between Several Dream Worlds / Dimensions From A Villain / Male Dream Character

Source: Wikipedia

Unfortunately I forgot most of my main dream from last night, it was long and confusing and complex, and I slept a bit too long; and so I forgot the important parts, and so it will not make much sense.

I think that the dream involved a male dream character and I being in a video game-like dream world that was maybe similar to The Elder Scrolls video games, the male dream character was probably tall & thin & wore eyeglasses (glasses) & he reminded me of my cousin SC / CC, and we both knew a bit about this dream world / video game / dimension; but he knew more.

We probably somehow escaped the video game-like dream world to another dream world when we were running for our lives, we met a group of people, and we probably went between several dream world during the entire dream.

The male dream character kept going back to the video game-like dream world since there you could have superpowers / magic / et cetera, and eventually he became stronger; and he probably somehow learned how to bring his powers from that dream world to other dream worlds, and he became a villain and / or brought a villain into our world by accident or on purpose.

I remember being in one dream world on Eastside near the post office in the fictional area where the A Plant should be where there is usually extra trails & a company / construction going on & places to explore go inside of, I remember being in another dream world where there were hill-like areas & I helped a group of people move back & forth from this dream world to others for their safety, and I remember being in another dream world with a shopping mall & an outdoor area connected to the mall; and in the dream a group of people, the villain and/or male dream character, and I moved back & forth between dream worlds often.

The villain and/or male dream character kept attacking us/taking us hostage/taunting us/chasing us and he/they were too powerful for us to stop, and so I kept moving a group of other dream characters to different dream worlds for their/our safety.

I was probably the only other person who could also try to figure out how to bring my powers from the game-like dream world & get more powerful, but I was too busy saving people & running & hiding & defending against the villain and/or male dream character to focus on figuring out how to do that to stop him/them.

It was unfair since we had no powers / magic, and he/they could use powers / magic & break the natural laws of other dream worlds; and so we kept running, hiding, defending, being taken hostage while trying to survive.

The villain and/or male dream character seemed to be just playing / toying with us to show off / test his / their many powers (he/they became/were large & powerful & wore dark scary daedric-like armor with a helmet & could float/fly & probably could summon entities / creatures to fight for them/him), and I remember talking with him a few times as he boasted/taunted us; but I can not remember the details or most of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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