Several Dreams With My Brother GC

Dream 1

I had several short dreams last night with the first dream that I remember being the most unclear, it took place during the day outside maybe in my parent’s yard or somewhere else, and I remember my former classmate(s) MB and/or TT being there; and I remember them being annoying/whiny/weak/cowardly and whining/complaining about how I could not do this or that, they were acting like little upper-class brats/snitches or something, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The next dream is also unclear but I think that it was inspired by the TV show Rome where I was with two men similar to the characters Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, and one of them had a wife who looked like Monica Roccaforte; and he had his wife stay behind outside the home while we went on a journey, instead of his wife staying inside the house for some strange reason, and so she had a little box-like structure outside the house to sleep in that had no door.

The two men and I went on a journey that I can not remember, and we came back a day or two later to check on the wife; and she looked tired probably from thirst & hunger, and we noticed a group of dangerous looking men in their yard.

The two men scared them off and we checked on the wife, and then we continued our journey; and we came back several days later to check on the wife, but she seemed dehydrated/tired & like maybe something happened to her.

She was laying in the box-like structure outside and her husband feared that she had been raped and/or attacked by the dangerous group of men that they scared off a few days earlier, and so he was angry; and I focused on helping his wife by giving her some water, some bread, and telling the two men to bring a doctor.

The wife could not talk much or would not talk much, she would not say if she had been raped or attacked or not, and this bothered her husband even more; and a doctor came to check her, and he suggested that she slowly drinks some water (she was dehydrated) & is slowly fed softer foods until she can eat solid foods; but I am not sure if he found any signs of trauma/abuse/rape.

I remember making sure that the wife was okay and trying to calm her husband down, since he was still angry & not sure what happened to his wife, and so he was ready to go kill the group of dangerous-looking men; but we got him to calm down a bit, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The next dream took place in a gym where my brother GC and I were playing basketball on the right side of the gym, and my former classmate RB & several of his friends were playing basketball on the left side of the gym; and at some point I put one of my t-shirts on the ground, it was a gray colored t-shirt that might have been one of my old sports team t-shirts when I played little league sports, but RB or one of his friends accidentally put it on thinking that it was their t-shirt since they had one that was similar.

At some point I went to let them know that one of them probably accidentally put my t-shirt on, there was a brief argument, but eventually they gave me my t-shirt; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

The next dream involved my brother GC, my mom, my brothers KD & TD, and my brother CC being in a larger version of the field on my grandfather’s street across from Mrs. C’s house; and we had a bathtub in the field near the road, and my brother GC was naked & taking a bath in it outside during the day while we were in the field.

Oddly I only slightly found this to be odd, I found it to be more uncomfortable than strange, that we had a bathtub outside in the field near the road with people walking & driving by & sitting on their porches; and I tried to think of ways to give us some more privacy, my main idea was curtains/whatever around the bathtub and a separate curtain area for changing clothes.

While thinking about this I was sitting naked on the ground with my back against the bathtub & my knees up in front of me so that no one would see me naked, and I was talking with my brother GC as he took a bath about my privacy ideas as my mom stood further away in the field while TD & KD were playing sports & CC was texting on his mobile phone but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 5

The last dream involved my brother GC and I in a public bathroom that had white ceramic urinal bowl-like things on the wall with no dividers for privacy, my brother GC and I found this a bit odd/uncomfortable that this bathroom had no privacy really, and we talked about this while trying to urinate in the urinal bowl-like things.

The urinal bowl-like things had too much water in them, like they would over-flow, and so we had to be careful to not urinate too fast so that they would not over-flow; and I remember saying how it was odd that there was so much water in them, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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