Rome Inspired Dreams With Julius Caesar In A Store

Dream 1

I had several dreams last night that were inspired by the TV show Rome, with the first dream starting with me in a small modern-day semi-general store which was probably in time period of Julius Caesar oddly, and most of the people were probably dressed for that time period (maybe even me); and Gaius Julius Caesar (Caesar) from the TV show Rome and a lot of bodyguards entered the store like something serious was about to happen, the outside of the store was probably surrounded as well, and some of the bodyguards might have been dressed in black suits like the United States Secret Service while others were dressed in normal Roman armor but I could be wrong.

The bodyguards spread around the entire store and everyone stopped in fear & respect, Caesar and some of his bodyguards stood not far from me, Caesar had come to get some serious/important information from a young woman who was probably his niece Octavia Of The Julii who was wearing a light purple dress, and Octavia happened to be standing not for from me.

Caesar asked her a question, she had the information that he needed, but she lied & pretended not to know what he was talking about; and so Caesar warned her to not lie to him but she still pretended to not know the answer to his question, and then Caesar ordered some of his bodyguards to choose a man in the store whose age was in the 50s, so that this man could rape Octavia in front of everyone in the store until she answered his question.

I was shocked and appalled, I tried to think of what I could do to stop this, but Caesar had too many bodyguards & I had no weapons or armor; while I looked around trying to figure out what I could do to stop this, some of the bodyguards moved Octavia to the other side of the store where I could not see while a few other bodyguards looked for a man who was in his 50s, and for a moment I considered taking Caesar hostage since he was so close to me but I felt that this would not work.

Caesar and some of his bodyguards walked over to the other side of the store where I could not see, I stayed where I was to avoid the bodyguards attacking me, and I decided that I would stop them if I saw the rape in progress; even though I would be killed trying to stop them and Octavia would still get raped after I am killed.

I was still shocked that Caesar would have his own niece raped (or anyone raped) to get some information, this made me start seeing him more negatively like some of the negative things said about him in reference to him being a tyrant / dictator / et cetera were possibly true & that the Republic would be better without him, and this made me want to help stop him/over-throw him.

While I was thinking I heard a young woman scream, I hoped that it was not Octavia but I assumed that she was being raped in front of everyone on the other side of the store where I could not see, but right after the scream Caesar and his bodyguards quickly walked out of the store like Octavia had finally answered his question as soon as the rape started; and so the rape was probably called off as soon as it started but the damage was still done, and I stood there angrily wishing that I could have stopped it.

Dream 2

The next dream or part of the dream that I remember is being outside away from Rome, maybe I went to meeting of people who wanted to overthrow Caesar but I am not sure, my guess is that as soon as I arrived to the meeting it was over due to news that a battle started outside of Rome; and so if this battle failed to stop/kill Caesar, then Plan B (killing Caesar in the senate) would be started probably, and so I rushed back to the outside of Rome to see the battle.

Caesar and his army were in a tough fight and it was said that Titus Pullo & the legion that he was in were in a shipwreck or something, so many of them died and/or were captured as prisoners of war somewhere, and Caesar abandoned them to fight this battle outside of Rome; and Lucius Vorenus was in this battle but oddly he was tied up with some slave-like fighters being used as a distraction so that the other armies ranged units would focus on them instead of Caesar & the rest of this army until they could hopefully defeat the other part of the other army.

For some reason it seemed that Vorenus had been temporarily working for a royal/rich woman, this was his last day on this job, and so she put him in this battle tied up with the slave-like fighters like she wanted him to die or something; and I remember that he was wearing a light blue colored tunic/whatever, and he was tied to a cart & the entire slave-like fighter unit were in a single-file line to make them harder to hit/shoot from the sides.

His/Their situation was terrible, people were getting shot (in the head, eyes, stomach, chest, legs, arms, back, et cetera) & dying, and they could not run; they were being sacrificed to spare Caesar & the rest of his army time, it was terrible, but Vorenus tried to encourage the other fighters & give them advice as they died around him.

Caesar’s hope was that his army would barely defeat the other armies main units, and then they would flank the distracted range units; and hopefully they would barely win the battle, and surprisingly this is what happened.

After barely winning the battle Caesar and some of his surviving bodyguard units rode their horses into Rome, passing right by me, probably on his way to the senate for a special session or something; and he probably was going to be assassinated by some of the senators under their Plan B to kill Caesar.

I waited by the battlefield for Vorenus to tell him about Pullo (how he could be dead or a prisoner of war somewhere) but an unknown woman who knew/cared for Pullo joined me, I told her the news about Pullo, and we both told Vorenus; and the woman told Vorenus that his slaves had been killed by a gang & their leader (from the TV show Rome) inside of Rome while the guards were distracted by the battle, his wife & kids & one female slave (Pullo’s slave or former slave, who probably was the woman with us now) escaped to safety.

Vorenus told us that he was leaving immediately into Rome to gather some fellow soldiers/guards to go kill the gang leader & his gang, then he would meet us back at this house to gather weapons/armor/supplies to go find/save Pullo, and then he rushed into Rome to do this; the woman and I started walking back into Rome with the crowds of people leaving the battlefield, but I noticed a woman talking with a brown colored box next to her ear like it was a mobile phone or something.

No one else in this time period knew what a mobile phone was and so I wondered if this woman was from my time period as well, so I greeted her & I asked her who she was talking to, but she pretended not to know what I was talking about; and I noticed that she spoke with an interesting accent.

She ignored me and went back to talking to whoever she was talking to (possibly using the brown colored box), and I heard her say Pullo; and the woman with me heard this too, and she grabbed the woman & asked her if she knew Titus Pullo.

The woman did not trust us and so we told her that we were friends and that Vorenus & us were trying to find Pullo so that we could save him; and then another woman who looked just like her except for different colored clothes, a twin sister I guess, stepped out of the crowd next to the woman to come to her aid.

After a brief standoff the women told us that Pullo was still alive but he was being held as a prisoner of war with some of the survivors from his legion, and that they were going to try to save him; they knew where he was at, and they decided to join us in our mission to save Pullo.

We went to meet Vorenus after him & his fellow soldiers/guards killed the gang leader & his gang, we got armor (the two twins wore animal skin helmets like a wolf head with fur)/weapons/supplies, and then we went to the battlefield to build a carriage from scraps from the battle earlier, we built one, and we used some abandoned horses from the battle earlier to pull it & we left to save Pullo.

During our travel by carriage we took turns doing guard duty on the carriage & sleeping, the two twins seemed to be capable warriors probably like they were from one of the tribes that Rome had conquered, and at some point we reached the place where Pullo & the other soldiers in his legion were being held as prisoners of war in cages outside; but a small bandit-like army was guarding them, and so we decided to buy Pullo’s freedom, and leave.

Pullo wanted to fight to free the others but the rest of us felt that we could not defeat a small army with only 6 people, and so we told Pullo that he could return to Rome & gather up a small army of fellow soldiers to go free the rest of his legion; and so that is what he did.

The dream jumped in time to the future at some point but I am not sure if it was modern time or slightly forward in the future of that time period, I was with a class in a strange dark place with a table with a map, and some of the other students were some of my former classmates like JS; and some of them were writing on the map on the table in a strange language that reminded me of maybe Sanskrit mixed with maybe Latin or something several other languages or types of written code.

They were acting like they were in a secret society or cult or something with a secret written code/language, I asked JS about this language or code, but he thought that I was going to make fun of him/it & he refused to tell me; but I convinced him that was not the case, and so he started to tell me once he felt that I was seriously interested.

He said that Pullo & his small army that he built saved the rest of his legion & destroyed the bandit-like army, this army went on to conquer several other bandit-like armies along a coastline, and they formed an alliance with several small countries/areas/cultures; and there was peace for a time, and they shared Latin as a spoken language & made a joint written language which was the language that some of my class were writing on the map.

So in a way it was a happy ending to the dream in a way, JS said that this information was mostly forgotten or ignored in history, but some of them knew the truth/story & the written language that they made; but I woke up before I could learn more.

The end,

  • John Jr

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