Eye Dislocation(?) And My Brother CC’s Automobile Has Brake Problems

Dream 1

I barely remember part of one or two dreams, with the first dream or part of the dream involving either an accident (automobile accident maybe) or a fight where I was injured.

I do not know what happened exactly but I was injured and my eyes were blood-shot/had blood in them/had a lot of red in them & probably had inflamed/swollen veins in them, and my left eye lens/pupil/something was dislocated; like on the TV series Sanctuary where Dr. Will Zimmerman got hit in the head pretty hard & robbed while in Africa I think & he was serious injured and something in his eye or eyes got dislocated.

My left eye looked pretty bad & different from the other eye after my injury/accident/fight/whatever, I guess I looked in a mirror to see the damage & someone who I can not remember was with me, and I/we talked about going to have my eyes/injuries checked by a doctor; but that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

Dream 2

The next dream or next part of the dream involved me driving my brother CC’s automobile, I am not sure if I bought it or traded my automobile for it or if I was just considering one of those options, and I drove to a fictional building near a fictional park that might have been similar to W Park in D; and this area was a private/quiet area where people could go to hang out.

I remember that the brakes on CC’s automobile did not work very good, I would press the brakes hard, but the automobile would still move a bit & not stop completely on time; which was scary & annoying, but this is probably common in dreams where I have to use the brakes on automobiles but I probably usually do not remember or focus on this common fact/issue (but I could be wrong).

At the building, which was a bit like an old shotgun style church combined with something else, slowly various people came to hang-out such as: some of my family members like my cousin RE, some of my former classmates like DH/JB/MT, et cetera.

The building had a semi-outdoor/indoor area & porch/patio area, where I spent most of my time probably, but there was an indoor area as well; and people probably talked, listened to music, ate snacks, and drank.

I talked to a variety of people and I left at some point to continue test driving CC’s automobile like I was trying to decide if I should buy it or trade for it or not, and then I took it back to my parent’s house so that an automobile mechanic could come check it for me; and a mechanic came to check it, he had short blond colored hair with whitish colored skin wearing a dark blue one piece automobile mechanic jumpsuit/outfit.

He said that the brakes were good but certain types of automobiles just have brakes that do not work the same or as good as others, and he was telling me more about the automobile; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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