A Secret Group / Society | A Powderpuff Challenge | The Queen Of Egypt Gets Infected By A Werewolf Virus / Demon?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I remember barely remember part of three dreams, with the first dream taking place in D during the day, and I walked to Mr. HS’s house to talk to him/ask him about something that I can not remember; and I remember being worried about the fact that I was wearing indoor shoes/beach shoes, thinking that Mr. HS and/or his wife would be insulted or something since I thought they wanted people to be dressed up when someone visits them/comes to their property/home.

I knocked at the door and to my surprise Mr. HS’s wife told me to come in, I walked inside a dimly lit living room where Mrs. S was sitting with two or three servants (maids/butlers) standing near her, and I introduced myself & I apologized for bothering her; and she probably gave me a negative comment about my shoes, she asked me what I wanted & I told her that I wanted to ask her husband Mr. HS something, and she probably told one of her servants to go get her something.

She then told me that he was somewhere in the house or on the property, and she told me that I could go find him to my surprise; and so I walked around trying to find him, and I came across hidden areas built into the walls and an underground facility.

In this underground facility I accidentally came across things that I should not have seen, it seemed that Mr. HS was part of a secret group/society, and some of them were having a meeting; and I saw some of the things that they were hiding underground, they probably had private mercenaries/soldiers/assassins/intelligence agents/bankers/scientists/technology/supplies et cetera (probably not all in the facility, but who worked for/with them when needed), but I mostly saw some of the private mercenaries/soldiers & workers/whoever who were gathering equipment & waiting on orders for a new mission once the meeting was done.

The captain/leader of the mercenaries/soldiers somewhat reminded me of Bane from the film The Dark Knight Rises, him & his group seemed rough/tough/dangerous, and I remember seeing Mr. HS & some members of the secret group/society finishing up their meeting in an upper area room in this underground facility; and I overheard some of their conversations as they walked down the stairs from the meeting area.

They probably talked of destabilizing governments & over-throwing governments with assassinations/arming & training & assisting rebel groups/causing & encouraging & funding violence/war/et cetera, controlling/profiting from governments & people through economic means, media/education/et cetera manipulation/control, and maybe various things/experiments targeting people/testing some of their technology.

Since I was seen & had seen/heard too much, I did not run to avoid being killed or looking suspicious & I acted like I was a member or worker or something, instead I waited to talk with Mr. HS about whatever I came to talk to him about; and I think that no one bothered me oddly except for some suspicion/threats from the mercenary/soldier captain/leader, but I can not remember this part or what Mr. HS & I talked about.

My guess is that we talked & I was allowed to explore the underground facility on my own oddly probably or maybe I was given a job at the facility, but I can not remember this or the rest of the dream exactly; but I probably explored some areas, and learned more about how this secret group/society had/has/will continue quietly manipulating/controlling parts of the world.

Most of the members of the secret society/group came from various places of power/control in the Human world, they smartly work in the background, and they seemed to be smart enough to not try to control/manipulate the world too much; and that was a bit surprising & scary, since this allowed them to be much harder to detect, and it made it likely that they will safely work in the background for a long time to come like they were following a strategy similar to the Bene Gesserit or something (staying in the background using more indirect means of manipulation/control in a more balanced & stealthy way) instead of the stereotype of a villainous secret society/group .

The real members of real group/inner group seemed to be small, which is smart, anyway that is all that I remember.

Dream 2

The second dream is unclear but it took place during the day at my parent’s house, I remember a variety of people being at my parent’s house like a reality TV show competition or something was going on, and my brother CC & I were among the group of people competing/in the show or whatever; and at some point us contestants/whoever were given a strange powderpuff-like challenge where we were put in teams of two, I was with my brother CC, and one of us (CC) was chosen to dress like a woman with wig & everything & the other (me) would be the man & we would have to take a photograph together.

I found this to be seriously insulting/annoying/upsetting/degrading/et cetera toward my brother CC especially & the other contestants & me, I do not have a problem with women or if I had been born a woman, but this powderpuff-like challenge just bothered me a lot on many levels & I am not comfortable with doing something like this myself; and so I refused to do it, and I recommended that my brother CC not do it but I told him that it was his choice & he said that he was going to do it.

I talked to the people over the competition/show/whatever about this but they were not going to change this competition or listen to me but they probably agreed to not penalize my brother CC since I was not going to take a photograph with him dressed up like a woman, and I went outside to walk around in my parent’s yard to calm down since this situation bothered me so much.

Outside I saw a dream theme that happens sometimes where the military/whoever sometimes test new technology/aircraft/spacecraft/whatever in the sky/area over or near my parent’s house (usually), and when I was outside I saw maybe some new aircraft(s)/spacecraft(s)/technology/something being tested by the military (probably the United States Military)/someone; but I can not remember the details or what I saw & experienced exactly, but it was interesting.

Dream 3

Whatever was tested/happened might have effected/affected my last dream, which I think took place in Egypt but I can not remember the beginning of the dream or most of the dream, I just remember being in Egypt probably during the day with a group of people sent to meet with the Queen of Egypt about something that I can not remember; and we went to her palace.

Oddly the inside of the palace was mostly abandoned like people had run away for some reason, we found hidden areas in the walls & an underground facility/area like the one in the first dream, and the Queen of Egypt & some of her bodyguards & some of her court were there; and we probably came across a member of her court who told us that a werewolf-like virus/demon/who knows what it was infected the Queen of Egypt & some of her bodyguards & some of her court, and they attacked & infected some of those not infected at first & then they moved to the underground area/facility/palace.

Some of the survivors ran away from the palace, some were hiding in the palace, and some were hiding in the underground area; shortly after talking with this survivor from her court or while we were talking with them, the infected Queen of Egypt & some of her infected bodyguards came across us by accident in the underground area, when they happened to be walking by.

My group was afraid but we stayed calm and to our surprise the Queen of Egypt could still talk & so we were able to survive the situation without getting infected by staying calm & giving her stuff to keep her calm until her & her bodyguards walked off, they looked mostly normal but something was probably odd about their eyes and/or near their eyes & their behavior was different; and they could get aggressive if you were not careful, but we were careful.

I do not remember anyone turning into a werewolf (maybe someone did, who knows), but for some reason I remember thinking/hearing werewolf-like virus/demon(s) as a possible explanation of what was going on (among other possibilities); and after surviving our encounter with the infected Queen of Egypt & some of her bodyguards, we went outside of the palace & contacted whoever sent us about the situation.

They started to prepare to send people to help quarantine the area & handle the situation but it would take them a long time to arrive, and so they ordered us to deal with the situation for now until help arrived; but we were not trained/equipped for such situations, but we decided that in the best interests of the public that we help handle the situation before the virus/demon(s)/whatever spread from the palace.

There was no known cure for the unknown infection yet and so our lives were all at risk and we would probably have to kill any infected people who were too aggressive to contain, and so we entered the palace again with hopes of quarantining the palace & everyone inside long enough for help to arrive.

We tried to save/find people not infected in the palace, quarantine infected people who were not aggressive, and kill aggressive infected people who attacked us; but we were out-numbered, unprepared/trained/equipped, and so this was more like a suicide mission.

We were doing pretty well considering the situation/circumstances by saving/finding a few non-infected people, quarantining/calming some of the infected people, and killing some of the aggressive infected people who attacked us; but we lost people to the infection during attacks on us by the aggressive infected people, and eventually our group was trapped in a fight for survival situation where the few of us survivors ran/hid/fought/et cetera for our lives around the underground palace/area/facility.

Us survivors got split up mostly during attacks, and I remember running around trying to survive while carrying out our mission & helping other people & killing aggressive infected people who attacked me/us.

The situation was bad but I hoped that we could hold on long enough for help to arrive, it seemed likely that we would at least achieve that with our sacrifices, as I ran around dark hallways/rooms/labs/palace areas/et cetera.

I started to wonder if getting infected was really that bad, I wondered if the infected me (who would be stronger/faster/tougher/et cetera) could still be able to control myself, and help continue the mission; since as the situation got worse, it seemed that my group would eventually all get infected before help could arrive.

I can not remember most of the dream or the rest of it really, I probably gave updates to whoever sent us on the mission & I probably kept telling them to hurry up because the situation was out of control, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr